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How to dress like Legend of the seeker Mother Confessor

El Bosque animado: Tribal Faerie Wear from Spain

Katwise: Amazing fantasy colorful recycled pixie-fairy tribal coats

Harlots and Angels: Steampunk corsetry and hats

Clockwork couture: Steampunk and neovictorian clothing

Facets of Avalon: amazing fae collars and painted silks

Seidiclothing: Unique handmade clothes for elves and trolls

Timjam Design: Beautiful fairy dryad and tribal goddess garments

Ye olde medieval wedding dress shop: Bridal, medieval and other cute gowns and coats

Alex London weird and unique alternative couture

Emerald Forest Enchanted Designs wearable fairy and bridal fashion

Fantasy Masquerades/ Denim and Diamonds... Sexy Burlesque outfits to shine!

Queenli Roses: Pretty gowns for the princess of the Ball

Enlightened Platypus: Fairy tribal pixie dream coats!

Hot to dress like a sexy Mrs Claus this Christmas

Opal Moon Design Tribal Sci-Fi Fusion and Bellydance costumes

world of the dark crystal book

The Dark Crystal collection: Inspiring video of how the movie garments were made

IMPERO LONDON: Luxury leather clothing

How to dress like Maleficent from Disney Sleepy Beauty

The Dark Angel Fairy tale clothing new Video Showreel

katrina sleepy hollow striped dress

Iddle wild illustree: fairytale and historical garments... oh and Sleepy Hollow replicas!!

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland White Queen Halloween costume ideas

Samiah: a blend of gothic, renaissance and vintage!

The most bright and vivid Halloween costume...! It's a DOUBLE RAINBOW all the way!

Time after Time Designs: From Renaissance Fairytale to Marie Antoinette Rococo dresses

Be the most famous monster this Halloween: be.... the COOKIE MONSTER

Echoppemedievale: specialists in historical garments based in France

skeleton corset

Doll Flesh and Louise Black corsets... weird and unique cameo halloween steampunk corsets

Well dressed Lady: Court dresses for Noble Ladies

TPF faerie wear: Clothing and accessories for modern faeries

fairytale princess dress

The twilight parlour: corset, vintage, burlesque and lovely victorian dresses...!

stormtrooper costume

How to become a Stormtrooper from Star Wars next Halloween or sci-fi convention

pixie wear

Intergalactic Apparel: Pixie wear from the forest dwellers to the stars...!

renaissance dress

Von Lancelot: affordable but pretty princess dresses!

Speedy stitches: From Oz to Star Wars... a collection of classical characters!

victorian green gold ball gown

Liquiwork: Event and theatrical costume and wedding, punk and Lolita...

Your dressmaker

Your Dress Maker: historical, pagan, gothic... a bit of everything!

xv historical garment

Arm Street Medieval Store: Historical costumes, armor, footwear, tents and more

Learning to sew yourself yes, yes!!! make your own fantasy costume! Plan fantasy parties!

Silks and Velvets: the art of Yosa Addiss

Vaisto: Comfortable tribal faery wear from Finland

LRP STORE : Costumes, props and weapons for role players

Andralys: Medieval and fairy fantasy gowns

Leafy creations: dryad-like urban faery wear and other items inspired by forest leaves

Ravenswood: amazing leather pirate coats

Moresca: Fairy tale and Ren clothing

Tututopia: custom made tutu skirts in any color

Imp & Pixie: lovely and warm fae and pixie coats

Plume Designs: your fantastic femenine side

Pixiepixie: more fairy urban wear