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The Crooked Feather: You only need wings to fly!

A. J. Machete & Sons: Fine Tailoring for Gentlemen

Grim sweetness: Vintage bottles and upcycled fairy/steampunk clothing

Blacksnake Workshop: Magic worlds creations from Steampunk to Goth!

II EUROSTEAMCON in Barcelona: Largest Steampunk European convention

ELFIC WEAR: Unique clothing and props for fairies, pirates, elves and steampunk lovers

Bionic Concepts: from Steampunk Wings to wearable robotic Tron-line armour pieces

Tambukiki: Eclectic mix of fashion from pixie, boho and hippie to 50´s and Steampunk

BlackPin: Steampunk and Victorian Hatter

Little bottle magic pendants by 13th Psyche

Tragically adorned: unique vintage, victorian and steampunk jewellery

Create a pendant: Jewelry kits and tutorials by Matthew Nix

Flapping socket: amazing mechanical steampunk wings and more!

Chain Crafts: handmade chain jewellry and armor... apocalyptical futuristic items

Steampunk couture: Handcrafted neo-victorian, sci-fi and Shabby Chic Fashion

Harlots and Angels: Steampunk corsetry and hats

Clockwork couture: Steampunk and neovictorian clothing

Alex London weird and unique alternative couture

IMPERO LONDON: Luxury leather clothing

Second Steampunk Convention taking place in Spain next weekend 13-14 Nv 2010

Alchemy Gothic and Alchemy Empire: Gothic and Steampunk Accessories

circus victorian gloves

Zen and coffee: fantasy armwarmers and fingerless gloves

Blonde Swan hats

Blonde Swan: a collection of amazing fantasy hats!

Steampunk robot artifact ring

Catherinette Rings: STEAMPUNK JEWELRY by Daniel Proulx

Steampunk masks

Tom Banwell outstanding STEAMPUNK MASKS

Andralys: Medieval and fairy fantasy gowns

Gypsy witch design: Wickedly lovely top hats for victorian ladies

Luna Rana and Silver leaf Costumes top hats and other Mad Hatter´s non birthday parties needs