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Moresca: Fairy tale and Ren clothing

Moresca is a New York based company specialized in fairy-tale, fantasy and renaissance costumes. I had the chance to see the wonderful bodices, garments, gowns and accesories when I attended as performer to the faeriecon last 2009. I fell in love with the seagull short bodice but I wasn't fast enough! people grabbed them in one day... as lovely as they were. I'll probably will be getting this one for a videoclip. I think it's heavenly adorable. It belongs to the MORESCA  "seagull" collection, though I think of an "artic wolf" too and that's the way I want to characterize myself with it.

Above: seagull short bodice (AW I want it) For those bellydancers and girls with a body that can provide grace to this, there were absolutely stunning tribal pieces like the own below. A fellow performer used a red set and she was looking absolutely great.

In the fairy ball also the faery bodices (that you can actually order in different colors, brocades and  floral ornaments) were pretty popular and despite sharing design they were all different and certainly customized and unique...  This is on the ohhh wouldn't mind list too.

Oh I just needed to share also  pouch like this one... they're so faery. They have a wealth of wonderful bags, so pretty that I'd not been able to pick one!

Talking about bigger things, there are also some unique and one of a kind items... and they're indeed showing they are...!!  From simple (yet very sexy) hooded velvet capes and dresses to fairytale luxurious models.

Above: The "Mega" model  made from a beautiful color range of jacquards.

Revealing, with monastic overtones. The one a man tends to get for his woman. The waistband laces firmly in the back, under the full length cape. Generous hood. Dry clean.

Moresca fairytale wedding dress


ahh and for men too!! tons of options for Prince charming and other Castle inhabitants...!!


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