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Your Fantasy Costume Articles

Lotus Moon: comfortable, pixie, urban, tribal fairywear


Lotus Moon is a store that specializes in wearable comfortable daily wear but with a pixie-fairy touch to it.  If you are a free spirit, like tribal clothing or simply want to be an urban fairy in disguise, this store has a super large catalog of clothing that ranges from long medieval dresses to coats, jackets, skirts and all you could need to fit your wardrobe with this style of clothing, and most importantly at reasonable prices. I need to have at hand a few pieces to make a further statement about the quality but in the pictures it looks nicely and in fact I love some of their green and brown dresses and tops, with those pointy, ragged pixie looks. :) So I've definitely bookmarked them to investigate further.

Still here are some examples and you have the link above, to get lost in their list of products which is overwhelming diverse in Lotus Moon

Above: simple fairy corset: I loved it in green and brown, very affordable and I think they're perfect as base  if you want to customize it.
Below: cyber-pixie black top with white lining and a pointed hoodie. Daring, sexy and still fantasy-like :)  The kind of things I love for my daily wear.

Above: white chemise/dress with fluted sleeves. Also available in other colors. I particularly liked the green, white and brown. I think it works great as undergarment to put a cincher or corset on top. :)

Another lovely coat in green. I want it! aw!


CLAMPCLAMP: Shoes for fairies and mermaids

ClampClamp is a store based in Thailand that crafts lovely sandals with leaf and seaweed patterns, deliciously comfortable and looking. All the designs are original and inspired in the shapes of nature  what provides them an earthly and organic look designed to enhance the beauty of the foot shape. From lovely ivory whites (for alternative brides) to browns and greens, both for women and men. From lotus, seaweed to gingko leaves, with natural colors. The shoes are made out of leather the sole is made of rubber to prevent slipping.  ClampClamp takes  inspiration from different Asian cultures, mixing Japan's eye for detail and craftsmanship with Thailand's free-spirited nature.


Above:  Jack and the Beanstalks knee high model.

Comfortable and beautiful to look at. Perfect for fairies, pixies, nymphs and other fantasy creatures ;-)

Below: delicate ivory white leather sandals with petal and organic shapes.


ELFIC WEAR: Unique clothing and props for fairies, pirates, elves and steampunk lovers

Unique and theatrical fantasy garments designed by crafter and also model Elfic Angelic (who models in many of the pictures that showcase her catalog). Elfic Wear is a fantasy clothing brand based in Portugal that ranges from Elfic and LOTR  to Steampunk and even historical recreational garments.  Each piece is handmade and unique and shows her devotion for fantasy and her thorough care for details. Clothing and accessories of exclusive design that will be the perfect unique touch to your fantasy garments.

There are already to ship products listed in  Elfic wear Etsy store but she also encourages contact if you want to commission an unique piece or a replica of one of the items that have been already sold (never quite the same but in similar fashion).

Do you want to be an elf roaming in the forest?

Above: Elven leather armour. All accessories and clothing by Elfic Wear.

Do you prefer to be a Steampunk airship pirate?

 From the forests of a Lord of the Rings landscape to the gears and steam of a retro-futuristic setting, the shop is also a journey through different worlds and fantasies, and show also the chance to see many of the pieces worn by the designer herself (who I may say is gorgeous!) alternative model Angélica.

You would do well in networking and add Elfic Wear to your facebook favorites too. They usually make give-aways  to engage their fans and I may say I was myself the PROUD WINNER (yes random and fairly, so I'm real prove they work)  of one of their give aways. I chose myself a fur green vest and gauntlets, that you can spot in this picture of myself.

Above: me wearing green gauntlents and fur vest won in Elfic Wear contest. More pics of myself wearing it in my tumblr.

Hmm I feel tempted to go for the matching green leather pocket belt :) which I may say it's very "greenpunk" too :) with those little terrarium pots.


Tartan toppers: sumptuous fantasy headpieces and hats

Above: Headpiece inspired in "The Great Gastby" with ostrich and peacok feathers and  flapper 20´s style with feathers

Workshop based in the Highlands, Scotland, Tartan Toppers is a delightful collection of sumptuous and glamurous  mini-hats, fascinators and headdresses from the glorious Highlands of Scotland, what's not to inspire. Combining different high quality materials like velvet,  feathers, ribbons, beads and adornements and also up-cycled materials, rendering pieces that are one of a kind and of very original design. From tribal, Art Noveau, flappers (roaring 20´s) to high couture, the selection shown in the store shows  the love and pride of the crafter reflected in each of the pieces that are hand-made.

I love the luxury yet sometimes slightly beautiful decadence of all the items.

There are also "lace" masks in white, cream and black. They look luscious and mysterious.

Below: There are also some pieces inspired in popular movies like The Hunger Games. Below you can see a headdress with orange monarch butterflies based in Effie´s character in "Catching Fire". These are not replicas but reinterpretations and you can find them also in different color options.



Above: Art nouveau Mucha inspired floral crown, headdress/headpiece with giant red poppies, roses, feathers, leaves, berries and the most sumptuous tassels.. Very romantic with a distinct early XX flair.



Dressing up like Daenerys from Game of Thrones


Ok, ok! Don't kill me! I've not seen  Game of Thrones  HBO hit tv series or read the fantasy  books! :) And I'm a lover of fantasy but I've simply not stumbled upon it yet :) Still I get tons of requests about making an article about this character :) who I also get lots of comments from my own listeners that I look alike (well I wish but I don't think so) so I made a little research :). It will be improved for sure but hope it helps our current readers to gather some ideas to attempt this cosplay with success :)!  


For the wig I particularly like one that is available from Lockshop wigs as a "premium" item, it's a bit pricey but it looks soft and rather natural.

There are plenty of wigs styled for this character available in etsy and ebay too, all ranges of prices and qualities. It is worth to have a look to ebay for Daenerys wigs listings. 

The etsy store "Pungo Pungo" has several gowns, attires and accessories of this character custom made and some even ready to ship, like the following

Above: Daenerys Targaryen Qarth Gown. Custom made Khaleesi costume with belt and beads.

Above: Dothraki Khaleesi leather cosplay made of leather and suede by Pungo Pungo 



Below: Replica of the light gray  Daenerys Wedding dress (with brooch) made by "The Iron ring" shop that  makes replicas of tv and movie attires. The shop has several others items related with Game of Thrones. 

Rearding complements and jewels there are also listings in etsy and ebay. 
Below some useful videos to arrange your hair and make up as Daenerys
Ravendarkcreations sell a set of a fully painted dragon that is rather realistic (custom coloring can also be ordered). The sculpture is made of resin  and of high detail. You can also purchase from them a cheaper unpainted version if you think your skilled enough to custom paint it yourself. 

If you want to add props you can also add some dragon eggs like these handmade by Lakoindecaori shop



Adanegra: wearable pixie/hippie fairy wear


Below: My favorite dress of Adanegra, reminded me in color and shape to The Dark Crytal´s Kira´s dress. I feel seriously tempted to get this one. 


Adanegra is a lovely and little company and workshop based in Galicia (Spain). You can visit their official website at  Official website is in spanish but it is very easy to surf and use the shopping cart and there's a contact form if you have any doubt.  They sell out of Spain within countries of the European Union, if you don't belong to the European Union contact them first.  They also have safety policies in the site and a 10 days return guarantee for each of the items.Their trademark and logo is a cute black cat that is in every piece in a way it fades when you first wash out an item. It has a rather large, vibrant and colorful collection of jumpers, dresses, skirts  and even complements. They are made of cotton and hand-dyed and it's highly recommended to wash by hand.  All items are handcrafted with Adanegra´s own design and each piece is unique in pattern and color-combination.  Very useful as urban fairy or pixie ear, looks comfortable and cozy as well as edgy, eco-friendly and very fantasy-like. For mythical creatures that have to mingle in urban media from time to time. The dresses and skirts sometimes combine different layers so it's also fit for bellydancers. The whole collection has also that "rough and tribal" finished. I remind that as they're hand-made the result of each piece is "exclusive" and unique.

Above: Cozy  Pixie-hoodie jumper. Made in hand dyed cotton. 

Above you can check some of their actual catallogue in this youtube video showreel

You can also network reading their blog (spanish)

and/or network with the crafters in facebook

Below: another lovely long dress in yellow-green with different petal layers



Lee´s Menagerie: butterfly fairy earrings

Lee's Menagerie is a cute little store run by crafter Stefani Lee. All the products are unique and one of a kind, and besides some reproduction of fairies and even some cute baby mermaids and baby Mandrake roots, I highlight the little collection of butterfly fairy earrings in all sorts of colors from colorful butterfly wings to clear and iridescent ethereal hues, quite a little collection of super beautiful handmade jewels that you can find in her etsy store
When using real butterfly wings they state they have been humanely collected from different areas of the world and other times  using paper print wings coated with a lightweight acrylic seal and resin. The pendants have real silver plated wire fixtures and detail work. All jewelry comes presented in cute boxes with their trademark, already perfectly packaged for a gift.

You can also read more about her products in her blog at

They also encourage contact to solve any doubt or for custom orders and commissions


Atlantis fae: every Goddess deserves a crown

Above: Autumn oak-leaf fairy crown and third-eye jewellery made by Atlantic Fae

Atlantis Fae  is a store based in UK  and also the nickname of the fairy and fantasy lover crafter, performer and alternative model  that runs it. Her motto is simple: Every woman is a Goddess and every Goddess deserve a crown
Besides the crowns and headpieces listed she can also make custom-made pieces at your request and there are a few examples of her work in the website as well.

 The store which features a lovely collection of fairy crowns, headpieces, tiaras, jewellery, hair clip in strands and fascinators. If you feel like a fairy, a goddess, or an "elemental"  you will find all the accessories you need as final touch to complete your fae garments and be the fairy princess of the ball.   The collection has a marked "seasons/elements" inspiration  and you will find wintry white headpieces (also suitable as bridal crowns) and also some shells and accessories specifically fitting for mermaid cosplays. I particularly loved the clip ins, easy and really lovely combination of colors to make it look like seaweed flowing down your hair (picture below)


Disney´s Brave: Princess Merida Cosplay

Princess Merida is the Disney/Pixar free spirited  lead female chracter from the movie "Brave" (2012) set in the  XII century at the Scottish High lands. With fire red messy  curls  and glittering blue eyes.  In this article we´ll give you some tips to cosplay Merida, who far from being a "damsel in distress" is a tomboyish, BRAVE natural beauty.

So here some ideas if you want to cosplay this endearing character :)

To start with herre's an example of a cosplayer doing Merida´s in the right way. You can check her tumblr . Her name is Angela and she's really clever when making her own dresses and cosplays but she turned out to be really an almost flawless Merida. You can even read some step-by-step advice and tutorial  with some clear hints for the gown pattern of how she made her dress to achieve it. 

In fxguide there's an article about the movie that can also provide ideas about the making of the XII century style  costume

If you need to have the pattern there are several options, one of which are the McCalls patterns dress pattern
Here is a video of another cosplayer and their proposal for Merida´s gown and she also provides links of where she purchased the fabric, celtic trim, wig, and other materials to complete the attire. 

Make up: 

Use some subtle make up, It's all about natural look, though you may use foundation to conceal the blemishes of your skin and appear more flawless. If you have a darker skin tone use a foundation slightly lighter than your natural tone, you want to look like a natural red head. Add some freckles (if you don´t have) and pink blush over your cheeks and nose. Use a natural pink lipstick and maybe  smudge it a tiny bit to use the lipstick as "stain" and a bit more "natural looking". If in need use some matching lip-liner to make it look less messy. For the eyes, keep make up really simple, use some brown eyeshadow as eyeliner to define them but do not overdo. Stay natural. If you don't have blue eyes you can get some colour fx lenses (circle lenses even better because they will make your eyes to look bigger and more cartoonish). For this purpose you can check for example shops like Kiwiberry contact lenses collection (which are cheap and will do for this case). One advice, don't forget the eyebrows, if yours are light, fill them in with a little bit of led. If you happen to have dark eyebrows conceal them first with make up and then apply some filling with red/bronze eyeshadow or pencil.

Here is a video (It is spoken in italian but as it's almost at real time I found it useful and clear enough and didn't need captions to understand it). So, to summarize

Below: handmade custom gown and chemise inspired in Disney´s Merida´s princess gown made by "The Modest Maiden


Above: One of the many gowns inspired in Merida´s dress that you can find available in ebay. This one belongs to the seller "designevent" but there are plenty of cosplay resources and also wigs fit for the character. 

Merida´s hair

In ebay you will find plenty of wigs if you look for Merida´s wigs. There are a wide variety of prices but beware there are also some shops that uses pictures of wigs that are not the actual item that is sold. Check the most popular ones and as I always recommend with ebay products check each individual store feedback rating. Still there are plenty available at affordable price. You don't want a shiny artificial looking orange but a more matte and natural red haired model. 

Above: Still I'm going to make a recommendation for Merida´s wig I found more or less realistic, it is affordable (35 $) sold by Wincosplay store in etsy, and I find it very natural looking. I also find it fitting for those of you who want to portray princess Sorsha from the also fantasy genre movie Willow. 

For the Archery set you can also try etsy, there are several sets available in the market, in fact there is an already made dress for children and an archery set available at the official Disney Store. And you can find some already made archery sets in ebay like this one

But if you want a more "realistic" archery set you can try an historical shop like the Larp bows you can find in Medieval collectibles

Or you can surf in etsy to find different crafters options, I highlight this example made by Enchanted Crystal Rose, a store that seems to specialize  in replicas of Disney movies characters. 

So that's all for now, as always we´re open for suggestions and we´ll keep on updating the article so feel free to "bookmark" it. If you have cosplayed Merida, we´ll also be happy to add your pics to the gallery and welcome your own recommendations. 

Girls! Have fun! and be Brave!


Posh Fairytale Couture: amazing fantasy headpieces

Above: Gorgeous headpiece (and despite size very light) made of hand-dried leaves entwined over faux vines. 

Posh  Fairytale Couture  is a store that specialized in massive, stunning headpieces, great for show-girls, Burlesque, Mardi Grass, fantasy conventions and even Drag Queens.   They are made by artist, designer and crafter Rachel Sigmon. Though pieces are obvious custom-made and one of a kind items you can sometimes order a similar one in their etsy store. I wish I was wealthy enough to commission a few, but given the size and amount of materials used in each of them ranging from feathers to free horns, I think the price though it might be considered a bit elevated at first sight is more than fair. These are striking and unique items that calls for placement in alternative shows and high couture. And thus I've simpled picked a few examples of a collection that never fails to amaze.

Below: cyber-futuristic  tribal headpiece in stunning silver-metal color

As they're custom made, except for some times ready to ship, custom orders take a while to be made. Though massive they're meant to be comfortable, and safe to wear. 

All items and shipped from Germany.

You can network by liking their website in Facebook

And in Twitter!/PoshFairytale