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Your Fantasy Costume Articles

Grim sweetness: Vintage bottles and upcycled fairy/steampunk clothing

Grim Sweetness is a store that specializes in vintage-looking bottles. A lovely collection of props and aged bottles with cork and embellished with wax and beads that all together look a witch´s collection of magic potions or seller with fake miraculous remedies.

If you are a fine Victorian lady wanting to enhance your beauty you might also wand to add some of these to your dresser too.  As an enthusiastic for fantasy photography and the re-enactment of sceneries, I really find important to find the right "details" to bring a scene to life, and this is where you may find yourself surfing and finding little "treasures" like these.

Among the bottles also some curiosities you would find in an enchanted bazaar like this enchanted lamp (probably genie is included too).

















The overall store has that vintage (almost dusty) feeling. With some cobweb they would certainly have also that "eerie" "ghostly" factor too. But Grim Sweetness also features clothing and the love for a variety of fantasy genres is shown in the pieces the store features. Mostly made from recycled vintage clothing you can find fairy-steampunk belts, and even full garments like some of the examples below.

Above: Black and brown fairy/steampunk upcycled skirt embellished with antique brass eyelet and brass leaf charms.  I like its organic shape mixed with the more edgy steampunk-undertones.

I found myself in the store though surfing in the upcycled clothing. I have a fascination myself of turning old clothing into fantasy wear, and some of the rendered results are gorgeous and inspiring (and let´s say, quite affordable too). So overall a really lovely CURIOUS of store full of CURIOSITIES.


Above: alternative red riding hood made out from a vintage prom gown

The store also offers discounts if you make multiple purchases.



Blacksnake Workshop: Magic worlds creations from Steampunk to Goth!

Above: Blacksnake wearing her hand-made hat and creations. I love her top hats, they're perfect for alternative Mad Hatters :)
Blacksnake Phoenyx is a living chameleon.  When I lived in Barcelona I stumbled upon this lady quite a lot of times, and I always had to take two seconds to recognize her, she changes so much from one event to another in such an awesome way! I've always felt impressed and she certainly has mastered the art of cosplaying. Always original and ever-changing, It didn't surprise me to find out that many of her outfits and accessories were made by herself, and she seemed to burst with eye-catchy ideas. It was obvious that she likes to renew clothes. But the new is that she has opened a little workshop and now sell some of her creations in fantasy/horror/cosplay events :) so you have now the chance to purchase some of her creations or to customize your old non-original dull accessories into a one of a kind piece.
Above: Magic Worlds hat, with a distinct steampunk/lovecraftian flair! :)
From Steampunk to victorian decadence and even goth or macabre tones... the originality is undeniable! Headpieces, hats, masks... have a look yourself!

Above: Headpiece with horns inspired in Maleficent. Deliciously gothic. Hmm I'm inclined to a set like this in white :)

Below: Model Chelly Kira wearing  "Seven Seas" headpiece

So far, and until she opens an online store youc an have a look to examples of her work in her facebook page, where she encourages contact if you want to purchase or commission one of her creations.

Don't you love this lovely top hats? So Burton-like, they remind me to "A nightmare before Xmas somehow"

Blacksnake Workshop in facebook


Sugar Skull Makeup ideas and tutorials: El Día de Los Muertos

El Dia de Los Muertos ( read Day of the Dead in wikipedia) is a Mexican holiday  that takes place 2nd of November a couple of days after Halloween in which the families visit the graves of their beloved ones and make offerings to the dead including sweets in the shape of a skull with multicoloured icing and ornaments and placing them in altars for the deceased. Often there is a procession to the graveyard often wearing this traditions sugar skull make up. It's become also iconic in tribal bellydancers these time of the year, and somehoe a rather popular easy option as Halloween characterization.

All you need is some examples, make up (mostly black, white, red and blue) and rhinestones. And a great deal of patience to be creative (and symmetric LOL)

Below a video by my friend Klaire Delys that teach you how to make an easy "Catrina" Easy sugarskull make up.

You can complete your attire adding a floral garland or headpiece, with roses and other colourful flowers, wether faux or natural.

Below you have a link to instructables where you can see how to paint yourself step by step



Nebula X: floral headpieces for all seasons

Nebula X is a store based in Spain that specializes in floral garlands and fairy headpieces. Vibrant and colourful and practically available in any combination of hues, from the earlthly browns and oranges of brown to the sultry and luscious red of the roses. Some of the pieces are  massive and eye striking with a marked "Art Noveau" flair into them.  The store also features some pieces that could be considered more "gothic" featuring black veils, feathers, chains or beads. Some of the pieces could be even tagged as  tribal, perfect for bellydancers and other performers looking for dramatic effects.  The pieces are one of a kind and handmade

You can also network with the crafter in facebook where you can see pictures of commissioned works, wips and happy customers. :)

Really lovely option to pick a fairy crown and go and dance barefoot in a field full of blooms


Halloween is a time for Witches Hats... from simple to complex...

Halloween is closer and closer :)

One of the most popular choices as Halloween costume :) is to dress like a witch (and not only for Oz and Wicked fans). No you don't have to paint your face green if you don't wish, but the pointy hat is rather iconic, and if worn well a rather funny element you can  customize easily. Thus said, in almost every local store you could find you will find super cheap basic options then you can "make yours" adding feathers, charms, ragged ribbons and other ornaments of your choice.


Ebay offer some basic hats to start with like these Witches Hats

If you prefer something more subtle there are plenty of "mini-witch-hats" as hairpins or headbands with small hats attached, you can find plenty of models in ebay at really affordable prices, and during Halloween season almost in every local accessories store. Then add feathers, trims and some imagination and you can get a pretty decent custom work.

If you need something of a higher quality already ready to wear you can try some handmade (more expensive but lovelier options) If you prefer more elaborated and handmade items you can also find many shops and crafters offering hats


Below: Black and white Witches hat with skull by the shop  Jillie Cat Creations

Above: witch hat with leather and feathers by The Blonde Swan

If you are in the mood of something pore pixie-like something more pagan and earthly, have a look to this lovely pointy hat, I love the spiral it reminds me a bit to Burton's fantasies but also the folds reminds me to a caterpillar and it is somehow very "organic" too. If you're more on the pixie side the crafter  .. offer it in other colours.

Finally if you have some time and you want to try things on your own here are some tutorials and links you might find useful:

How to make mini witch-hat (diagram and drawings included) with felt and carton


-Make a witch hat (any size) article by Delia Creates blog


Sock Dreams... any sock you could dream of! socks, socks, socks!

Above: some Halloween seasonal special socks by Sock Dreams


Socks, socks, socks...! :) No cold feet and no boring feet allowed!

I am a lover of odd socks, fantasy socks, colourful, mismatched, weird socks. And why not, sometimes they can be the "touch" of fantasy your daily wear needs, or even a nice complement for your fantasy costume. So now that Halloween season is approaching (again, and we love it right!) this shop SOCK DREAMS based in Portland (Oregon) offers a  massive collection of socks features also some lovely seasonal models :) just right for that special night,  and daring autumn/winter models. I'm the lucky owner of some socks as some of my friends in Oregon gifted me some very daring pairs a while back! :)

And they don't only feature standard socks but also colourful stripes (almost in every hue you can imagine and also rainbow-like) and lace socks perfect for steampunk and gothic attires.

Halloween is not the only reason you need to wear stiped socks by the way... but orange and black is super cute, right?

I also like the fact they always change their logo to fit the season... now that Halloween is close then...

You can also network with them to be updated with new additions to their catalogue in:

-Sock dreams in facebook

-Sock dreams in Twitter

Direct contact to order(at)


Freckles Fairy Chest teach you how to make fairy wings: DIY tutorial

We have covered "Freckles Fairy Chest" before in Ashley Freckles runs a lovely store full of magical fairy and fantasy accessories, you know right? if not you can check that article back :). This tutorial is in the same fashion to the one we had previously shared in this other article, but seems easier to me. I always have problems in the wire structure part but I'm encouraged to try again! Don´t get rid of those old knee highs ! And now watch lovely Ashley teaching what to do with them! I will update this video when I can make a set in green or autumn colors. Thanks for Sharing!



Gekko Bohotique based in Camden London. Lovely pixie-fairy wear

Long wrap skirt with open layered panels.

Made of cotton crepe, lace and crochet.

Removable side

- See more at:

Long wrap skirt with open layered panels.

Made of cotton crepe, lace and crochet.

Removable side

- See more at:

Above: Lovely pixie skirt made of cotton crepe and crochet with removable pockets. Perfect for pixies and Steampunk Green Fairies.

Gekko Bohotike is a lovely store based in London, United Kingdom (oh god, how I do miss London! :) that specializes in lovely pixie-fairy boho urban wear. :) Yes there are a lot of articles of this kind of clothing in yourfantasycostume I know, but that's because this is my favorite style for a daily wear, :) to be fairies and pixies in disguise! just mingling with normal people but still showing hints of our pixie-nature. :)

I love the collection of clothing and accessories, specially the layered pixie skirts, tops and dresses with points and asymmetrical  edges. There is something very earthly and unpolished in this kind of clothing that makes you root to nature even if you step on a dull city floor.

Below: cute leave armwarmers

For steampunk-lovers they have all sorts of utility belts :). And also for fairy ones some useful pocket belts


You can also contact Gekko in their physical address

207 Chalk Farm Rd
Camden, London

And you can also network with them in facebook here


II EUROSTEAMCON in Barcelona: Largest Steampunk European convention

Above: Illustration of the II EuroSteamcon made by Nekro and portraying Felix Goggles

After the great success this event had last year, here they can again, next 27th of September,  all full of gears and steam the second yearly Steampunk convention and Fair "EUROSTEAMCON". The former train station Estacio del Nord will be taken by Steampunk lovers all over the city. Music, fashion, stands, market, photoshoots, contests and lots of fun guaranteed!

Ticket: 2 Eur (affordable huh?). Get dressed in your better Steampunk garments and join th e adventure. More info at
We hope to edit this article with some picture gallery of the attendants :)


and below you can watch the trailer


Under the Ivy... delicate treasures for fairy queens! Wings, garlands and accessories


Under the Ivy is a store that specializes in faerie inspired products, from wings to accessories, all handmade and exuding an out of this world delicacy. You can find the store in etsy . The crafter Helen  , based in United Kingdom is a textile and surface designer with a love for faerie folk and all things magical with a gift for creating things ethereal, iridescent and delicate. I particularly love the necklaces and jewellery featuring pale wings. They are so elegant and unique!  I loved for example this one , wings are not real but made of "plactic, magic and glitter" as she states in the description, so even better knowing no animal parts were used in the making of process. The earrings, rings, hair ornaments and other accessories featuring delicate transparent insect wings are otherwordly and amazing... that´s all I can say while I crave  for them... so better judge by the pictures :)


And look at this  ring... isn't it just magical?