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My witchery: amazing fantasy and pagan headpieces and horns

My witchery is a store created by artist Katrin Lanfire, based in Kiev, Ukraine. It ships worldwide. She designs and create accessories in gothic, witchy and fantasy styles, combining different materials both old and new, like polymer clay, leather, fabrics. She often embellishes the pieces with bones, feathers and beads. Her designs are designed by historical fashion, science fiction, mythology and macabre fairy-tales. Some items are ready to ship and others made to order, and for these latest you have to consider the time it requires to be created. The price ranges from 20 Eur up to 300 Euros for really well crafted massive and eye-catching creations that are perfect for cosplay, photoshoots, haute couture fashion shows and all sort of events and conventions.

Horns, wings, and seasonal inspired shapes...from mystical to tribal. From gothic black to wintry white. Don´t forget to check their network for past works and amazing inspiring photos wearing the pieces.

Above: Winged Angel piece

Below: One of my favourite, a dark fairy unseelie horned piece with a medieval inspired fairytale hat... dark, yet with a hint of fairy


Horned headpiece mounted on a flexible hairband, comfortable to wear and accented with moth. Perfect for "forest dwellers"


Where to buy: My witchery ETSY store


My witchery on instagram



Enchanted Lote Tree: Mystical crystal jewellery

The Enchanted Lote Tree is a lovely store run by Ebru from Sydney,  Australia that shares an enthralling collection of her own creations. Mystical and inspired by Nature all pieces of jewellry and Terrariums feature crystals, minerals and gems. They often featured hand sculpted leaves and organic elements inspired by the elements. The polymer clay parts often swirl like vines around the gems, mossy patches, sculpted bark and lichens... somehow the pieces exude a raw, organic, nature vibration.

In her own words "The Enchanted Lote Tree offers enchanting handcrafted art, inspired by Natures sweet enchantments and specializes in unique handmade crystal jewelry pieces hand sculpted using polymer clay & intuitively created crystal terrariums and gardens"

Her work indeed shows a fascination for magical things, and most of the peaces have that "organic" made by fairies look. Featuring crystals and gems, the pieces seems to channel their own energy, maybe because of the love and care they were made with.

Above: mermaid pendant built on a natural seashell and featuring a gorgeous large blue Labradorite, with the shades of the deep ocean and  light filtering through some shallower spots... really beautiful.

I own myself a few other pieces from the collection and will be updating this article with pictures of myself wearing them shortly :)
Below: myself wearing a lovely hand sculpted polymer clay leaf with quartz courtesy of The Enchanted Lote Tree.



ETSYshop with world wide shipping:




Mermaid Sanctuary Designs: Unique handmade mermaid and fairy accessories

Based in Conneticut, United States, Mermaid Sanctuary Designs is a store  specialised in one of a kind fantasy headpieces and accessories. From Fairies to Unicorns, they are colourful, sparkly and with obvious love for details. Run by Judy Bielik, who self taught to make them as a result for her love of all things fantasy designing and creating high quality, beautiful, headpieces and accessories.


There is a very "elemental" quality in the items, water, mermaids, forestdwellers, many accessories have that key "element" shining through, in the choice of materials, motifs and colour palette. :) Sometimes even combining them, see for example this glorious fairy/nymph/mermaid (air, water and earth combined), the entire outfit/accessories made by mermaid sanctuary themselves. 

The designer sometimes collaborates with other artists, rendering pieces even more unique, and also welcome contact for custom orders and commissions. To see a gallery of "clients" and examples of past works you can check their network on instagram and facebook (links at the end of the article)

The store features a  collection of unique headpieces and garlands as well as some fae-inspired accessories like hair barrettes, pearl hair strands, butterfly hairpins  (and sometimes even styling wigs and hair extensions) :) I personally, like to add some "fairy" details to my daily wear, so some of the subtle accessories are really cute to go for.

Below: Winged Seahorsehair clip

Above: handmade garland with blue crystals, perfect for Undines and water nymphs

Mermaid Sanctuary Designs Network

Etsy store




Mayrafabuleux: rave wear and mermaid bras

Summer is here!!

And with it, our mermaid-selves long for the sea... time for some "mermaid-wear".

Mayrafabuleux is store run by Mayra Mendoza and based in California,  specialized in rave and mermaid bras. Not only for bellydancers and rock stars,  Mayrafabuleux clothing also include some fantasy inspired sparkly bras are made to order in different sizes, and some (the ones we focus more on this featurette) have shells and sea-inspired fantasy elements, making them a lovely mermaid top. In all honestly I´d go to the beach with one of this, I find standard swimsuits and bikinis so boring :) They have an ebay store of the same name.

Above: Mermaid/tribal bra with seashells

It is recommended to visit their official website to see a larger selection of works. The official website for all of our selection of rave bra, rave outfits, theme wear, dance wear, rave wear, festival attire. All items are made to your own size / measurements: we can make any size and we ship worldwide. Take into account that most items are made to order and thus for undies as bras and bottoms no refunds are accepted. There are plenty of examples to choose from as well as a rather clear custom order form, international buyers take into account possible customs tax fees, time to be made and the no-refund policy of the store.


Visit their ebay store for some ready to ship items

Myrafabuleux at ebay

Official site





Nilenia Arts: Accessories crafted for fairies by fairies

Above: Rune stone necklace with crystal, inspired in the forest by Nilenia Arts, one of my personal favourites.

Nilsun Yencilek aka "Nilenia" is indeed a Woodland spirit herself, or a cute pixie,  or maybe a fairy, but for sure some kind of magical creature. Firey haired Nilenia also has a superb taste for faerie fashion herself as she shows on her various personal accounts,  but she also embarked in the creation of her own crafts and accessories, and that was the origin of her store NILENIA ARTS on etsy.

The shop is based in Turkey yet ships worldwide. Nilenia Arts  includes a collection of pieces that somehow reflects Nilenia´s taste for mossy greens, and lichenous yellow and atumnal oranges.

Animal totems, leaves, ferns... a hadmade collection  with a "nature lover/ fantasy lover" flair into it.

Above: Hand sculpted fungi and lichens necklace


Etsy store:


Direct contact to commission a custom made piece :


All the forest in your hands... Kentrkatty hand-painted bracelets

Based in Russia, Ekaterina aka Kentrkatty is an, artist illustrator and crafter of handpainted accessories. She is interested in paganism and fantasy and her art and pieces are usually inspired in Nature, which is one of her biggest influences. She runs a little store on instagram where she sells her original paintings, but also wearable art like her signature wooden hand-painted bracelets. Each one is unique and one of a kind, and in different combinations of vibrant colours. So if you want to fae-accessorize yourself you can check her shop where she constantly list new items (busy bee lady). They are truly the result of delicate and patient work. And you will find different patterns and motifs from forest greens to starry nebulae, covering all four elements and seasons.

Instagram kentrkatty shop:

Instagram Kentrkatty (persona)  for fine  nature-photography





Mermaid stockings with scales... daily wear for mermaids in disguise

Tinkerkast is a store that offer different kind of wearable handmade props. Based in Germany and run by Daniel Struzyna, the shop offers a collection of horns, neckchains with skull and bones replicas, horns and other fantasy items. I somehow randomly found the store doing a google search on "mermaid" apparel, I am somehow inclined to buy a tail when I can for a  music video, so I do the search from time to time. And then I found a picture of mermaid stockings with scattered scales over sheer unnoticeable mesh... it looks really ethereal, and had to search. Though the store have now a scarce number of items listed, I there is a button for "CUSTOM ORDER"  and mermaid stockings are still in the description of items offered.  But if you check the store network (facebook and instagram) you will find also scaly cuffs.

I really think they are super clever and fancy, with beautifully made realistic silicone scales. It will look as if you are growing scales, or concealing magically a mermaid tail. I think it´s a cute a clever idea for mermaid-lovers, when they need two practical legs to walk around ;-)

My favourite items maybe are the amazing dragon horns, :) Though I found them on a "mermaid" search, I was really impressed by them, bookmarked! Here a snippet of some of the items you can comission to the store.



But if you are into more "strega" wicca fashion, you will find also some treasures at the store.


TINKERCAST at instagram







Verdantly Adorned: regal headpieces for the Seasons

Verdantly Adorned is a store recently opened by Leigh Anne, designer and crafter based in Virginia (USA).  The headpieces are crown are big in size and has a "Art Noveau" Mucha vibe into them.  Romantic, eye-catchy, and likely the highlight of your fae attire  if you opt for a simpler fantasy garment.  She was making them for her own appearances as cosplayer in fantasy conventions, but everybody urged her to create a store and sell them, and thus Verdantly Adorned was created and something very "romantic" and "Prerraphaelite" along with it. 

All pieces are one of a kind and handmade and thus the catalogue listing is short, but  I recommend to bookmark  their etsy site and check regularly for new pieces to be listed.

Choosing delicately a matching colour palette, and showing an inclination for  very earthly and natural combinations, the headpieces have that "air" of being made out of things you would pick from the forest floor, but meant of course to be durable and less "deleterious" and comfortable.Besides faux flowers and foliage  some dried natural elements are also used, and overall they have that "naturalist"  and "naturelover" vibe into them.

I like the fact that they are bulky massive wreaths, but if you want something more subtle, she accepts commissions for custom work.

NETWORK (also to see her past work and happy client pictures)

Verdantly Adorned on Etsy

Verdantly Adorned on Instagram


The medieval mouse: fairy treasures and accessories

The Medieval mouse is a store run by crafter Meghan Pell based in New Jersey  (United States)

 I met Meghan, the owner, when I travelled overseast to perform at Faeriecon East Fantasy convention. We stumbled upon each other and somehow  ended up talking  about our shared love for rodents ;-) and all things magical... so she told me she was a crafter and loved to do fantasy things, :) and thus I checked her lovely  etsy store. First I may say I LOVE THE LOGO, so much... it makes me thing of tiny elvish mice crafting magical things picking moss, branches and little pebbles from the forests and building things organic and magical, and indeed the products at the store are shipped with such extremely beautiful packaging in super cute boxes with her golden embossed logo, :) that they are worth even for the packaging alone.  The catalogue is not huge but renews regularly with "fairy" treasures handmade by Meghan, daydreamer, creator and seeker. Check her facebook for her past work just in case you want to commission similar pieces to the ones sold that might be not listed.

In her words
"It's my dream to be able to help like-minded people make every day a little more magicka"l <3

Elements necklace in interchangeable "elements" glass vials. How cute

One of my favourites, a choker with quartz

Somehow raw and magical looking :), something a Gelfling like me would wear :)

Below "Fairy earrings"  also available in copper and green :)


-The medieval mouse ETSY STORE

-The medieval mouse INSTAGRAM

-The medieval mouse in FACEBOOK wishes you a happy Winter´s solstice and best wishes for 2017

At the closing of the year, we want to take the chance to wish you a happy winter´s solstice (the white frosted season starts today) and we take the chance tow wish you a happy 2017. Thus we share a couple of pictures of this fantasy photoshoot, sharing links of our "costumes". We may include now on also some fantasy photoshoots along with the credits of the costumes involved, thus we also thank to the designers that have sent us samples to wear. :)

So this is me wearing some courtesy things sent to "" from previous featured crafters and designers.

Model: me (Priscilla Hernández YFC admin) -My official site

Mask by Vincent Cantillon  who was previously featured in this YFC article  You can by these macks on his Etsy store

Dress: White "Fantasía" dress from The Dark Angel
The Dark Angel was previously featured in YFC in this article. I have several dresses from this store and they are all amazing (and durable)

Photos by Héctor Corcín