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Your Fantasy Costume Articles

Verdantly Adorned: regal headpieces for the Seasons

Verdantly Adorned is a store recently opened by Leigh Anne, designer and crafter based in Virginia (USA).  The headpieces are crown are big in size and has a "Art Noveau" Mucha vibe into them.  Romantic, eye-catchy, and likely the highlight of your fae attire  if you opt for a simpler fantasy garment.  She was making them for her own appearances as cosplayer in fantasy conventions, but everybody urged her to create a store and sell them, and thus Verdantly Adorned was created and something very "romantic" and "Prerraphaelite" along with it. 

All pieces are one of a kind and handmade and thus the catalogue listing is short, but  I recommend to bookmark  their etsy site and check regularly for new pieces to be listed.

Choosing delicately a matching colour palette, and showing an inclination for  very earthly and natural combinations, the headpieces have that "air" of being made out of things you would pick from the forest floor, but meant of course to be durable and less "deleterious" and comfortable.Besides faux flowers and foliage  some dried natural elements are also used, and overall they have that "naturalist"  and "naturelover" vibe into them.

I like the fact that they are bulky massive wreaths, but if you want something more subtle, she accepts commissions for custom work.

NETWORK (also to see her past work and happy client pictures)

Verdantly Adorned on Etsy

Verdantly Adorned on Instagram


The medieval mouse: fairy treasures and accessories

The Medieval mouse is a store run by crafter Meghan Pell based in New Jersey  (United States)

 I met Meghan, the owner, when I travelled overseast to perform at Faeriecon East Fantasy convention. We stumbled upon each other and somehow  ended up talking  about our shared love for rodents ;-) and all things magical... so she told me she was a crafter and loved to do fantasy things, :) and thus I checked her lovely  etsy store. First I may say I LOVE THE LOGO, so much... it makes me thing of tiny elvish mice crafting magical things picking moss, branches and little pebbles from the forests and building things organic and magical, and indeed the products at the store are shipped with such extremely beautiful packaging in super cute boxes with her golden embossed logo, :) that they are worth even for the packaging alone.  The catalogue is not huge but renews regularly with "fairy" treasures handmade by Meghan, daydreamer, creator and seeker. Check her facebook for her past work just in case you want to commission similar pieces to the ones sold that might be not listed.

In her words
"It's my dream to be able to help like-minded people make every day a little more magicka"l <3

Elements necklace in interchangeable "elements" glass vials. How cute

One of my favourites, a choker with quartz

Somehow raw and magical looking :), something a Gelfling like me would wear :)

Below "Fairy earrings"  also available in copper and green :)


-The medieval mouse ETSY STORE

-The medieval mouse INSTAGRAM

-The medieval mouse in FACEBOOK wishes you a happy Winter´s solstice and best wishes for 2017

At the closing of the year, we want to take the chance to wish you a happy winter´s solstice (the white frosted season starts today) and we take the chance tow wish you a happy 2017. Thus we share a couple of pictures of this fantasy photoshoot, sharing links of our "costumes". We may include now on also some fantasy photoshoots along with the credits of the costumes involved, thus we also thank to the designers that have sent us samples to wear. :)

So this is me wearing some courtesy things sent to "" from previous featured crafters and designers.

Model: me (Priscilla Hernández YFC admin) -My official site

Mask by Vincent Cantillon  who was previously featured in this YFC article  You can by these macks on his Etsy store

Dress: White "Fantasía" dress from The Dark Angel
The Dark Angel was previously featured in YFC in this article. I have several dresses from this store and they are all amazing (and durable)

Photos by Héctor Corcín


Fairy Wings and Fantasy fashion film by El Costurero Real

Do you believe in fairies?  WATCH THE WINTER FAIRY SHORT MOVIE at

Forget about Santa, this year, Christmas presents are delivered by the Winter Fairy herself!

El Costurero Real is fashion company and trademark specialized in fantasy and alternative fashion created by my friend and talented seamstress and designer Alassie. Yes, of course we have previously featured El Costurero Real (The Royal Tailor) here in this blog, as we have collaborated a few times. But I am happy to see how this last year, the amazing wings and capes made of chiffon or voile have become viral and well known world wide due to its amazing quality and delicate ethereal designs, though the brand itself offers an catalogue that includes items from affordable accessories to couture bridal gowns. Said this and having seen the items myself as a long time friend of the creator of this company, I have to say I'm proud to have collaborated  (with my music) to this little FANTASY short movie where you can see the fairy wings in all splendour, that was just launched to celebrate the brand new re-design and that you can watch fully in her site (check credits at the end of article, please to acknowledge the effort of the whole team :).

You can watch the full video (4 MIN)  at www.COSTUREROREAL.COM

Here you can see some photographies taken during the making of so you can make an idea how magical it looks like. This kind of wings is a mix of "isis wings" (and thus also suitable for dancers as they can flow gently around your body) and a cape, and in their store you can find many models (moths, butterflies, even bat wings!) and patterns in different sizes and styles. And of course, all the complements (printed stockings, scarves, jewellery and gowns to go along with them)


An amazing team made this possible:
From El Costurero Real with Mª Angeles Guisado Ruiz, Lady Entropy and Felix Goggles.
Direction and video Aniol HC - Photo/video.
Model & Voice: Julie LeBlond
Music Priscilla Hernandez


Lotus Traders Clothing: Pirate, Renaissance and boho chemises and dresses

Lotus Traders Clothing is a company with almost 3 decades of experience,  based in Indonesia (with factories in different Asian countries)  specialized in bohemian and renaissance dresses, with a wide range of renaissance tops and chemises in many colours that can work wonders as undergarment or base to build up you fairy, goddess or even Steampunk fantasy costume.

The store shows a large catalogue Boho, princess and Renaissance dresses made to order (S up to 5X), usually in Rayon Lycra and Light weight Rayon  and shipped world wide  (with a few exclusions) from Indonesia.  Unfortunately, the only complaint I might have that have restrained me from purchasing is the shipping cost to my country (I'm based in Spain), so It's worth to check if there are resellers of the brand in your area. They have plenty of listings in ebay too.

I like that they have a wide range of colours and sometimes not the usual ones like teal, silver grey, purples and fire reds and oranges. Bold and vivid but not cheesy looking. I particularly enjoy their shades of green (moss, khaki and Olive) and brown, as they seem very earthy. But they don't only list solid colours but also print dresses in some models. Some of the garments are "batiked which involves  completely handmade process and because of this there are natural variations in colours and tones, as well as pattern placements, from meter to meter. Because of this you are guaranteed a unique piece as no two garments are alike.  

If you are into Mori Girl fashion (greens, browns, earthy clothing and lots of layers) you will find PLENTY of tunics, tops and dresses here to get started in gorgeous tones of brown and green. I have bookmarked so many myself (sigh!)

It's pretty obvious that many of the models are made to enhance the shape and flatter curvy ladies (like me), but they make smaller sizes as well.  You can find sleeveless models as well as gorgeous almost medieval fluted sleeves.

Below, examples of long dresses /chemises, perfect for renaissance or wench/fantasy/pirate style.


Official site:

Etsy store

Lotus Traders at Facebook

Lotus Traders ebay

They also feature a vast collection of asymmetrical, handkerchief and bohemian clothing, perfect for urban pixie. Some similar to psy clothing. 


SPIRIT Elf ears headphones: transform yourself into an elf while you listen to music!

SPIRIT headphones slogan is "roam in Wonderland with ears". "Every girl has a fairy dream" (yay what about boys?!)  The name of the product is They are a 2016 brand new new design from a this chinese company that somehow have just become viral. And it's justified! How clever and magical!! Someone shared this on my facebook page early this month and I was thrilled! I want a pair!!!  I am a composer of fantasy music too, and a great fan of the genre, this is a MUST HAVE  :).  And if you are into cosplay the perfect excuse to look like an elf "everyday". How fun it must be to be aware of the casual observers wondering about you! :). They are only offering though one colour that fits pale skin and we look forward to see if other skin tones will come out in the near future. They´d work for me though (jumps in anticipation)

The specific name of the model is SPIRIT E666

Above:SPIRIT  Earl ear buds (flesh colour) 3.5 mm jack  that will work for most standard sound devices like smartphones and portable mp3 players. They ARE NOT wireless or bluetooth (that would be even cooler) but the cable is also flesh toned consistently matching the rest of the headset (As a performer this are like  a fancy nice in ear monitoring option ahhaha!)

I must have one of these. This is one of the cleverest ideas I've seen in a while, no wonder it spread almost virally over the social networks and due to demand the price is (at the moment) rather high compared to the initial listing in the chinese website "TAOBAO" which sells them for a price of 100¥ (around 14 dollars) plus shipping. Back then it was the only one listing it and I was unable to complete my purchase as the entire site was in chinese.    Since then listings have bloomed and some were absurdily high (also claiming they were the only importers and so on)  in many sites, but now it´s widely spread and can be found through many different retailers and shops including ELF EARS EARBUDS in  ebay where the price is around  28 Eur at the moment (including shipping), but you can find there also auctions and try your luck to get them cheaper. I have bookmarked them myself but I think I will wait until they go back to a fair price.  Definitely will go for a pair myself soon :) and then I'll come back to edit this article with the actual sound quality of this cute gadget! :) It claims to work clearly and crisp in the high pitch frequencies but still boosting the bass. We´ll get back at them with a proper in depth review. Meanwhile here the technical specifications:





Morbid Mask Studio: prosthetics for your FX fantasy make up!

Morbid Mask Studio, based in UK,  has specialized in FX prosthetics... From horns, fangs, elf ears to full and partial masks, and of course, pretty much anything you might need for a FX theatrical make up... Prices are fair and the catalogue is diverse including some rare to find articles. They keep listings at ebay too at Morbid Masks store y (100% positive feedback by the way)  but you can also surf their official site where they may have a few items not listed in ebabut also the ebay store has many listings that are not listed in the site, so be sure to check both. The official site has accurate information regarding contact, shipping and returns policies (of course you can´t return certain products as wigs or teeth for hygienic reasons unless faulty). But everything seems pretty reliable and they guarantee next day delivery after your order.

All Latex Masks, Special Effects and Prosthetics hand made in the UK by  the studio. So if you are thinking about epic live role-playing, attending to a fantasy convention to impress or  simply fancy cosplaying, this is one recommended stop for your research! :)

Of course you can find ears and facial features inspired in different fantasy characters, from flat noses for dwarves and gnomes to mermaid ears (<3).

I would love to go for this one, it's an unicorn horn prostetic, attached to a latex skin coloured base that you can attach to your forehead with spirit gum and blend seamessly. So instead of wearing a horned crown you could look a real Unicorn-like creature. If only for this, bookmarked and highlighted :). But they also have faun/demon horns too.

Below: reusable latex forked tongue, perfect for snake, lizards and dragon cosplays. You can even drink with it, although of course you will have a few difficulties speaking, reptiles should hiss anyway! Super affordable too!

In the mood of more drastic transformations... you have full masks and partial masks to become a werewolf, a goblin, an orc, a dark elf (even Sloth from the Goonies!! if you needed a nerd-freak signal). Examples of the make ups are really impressive too. Do you fancy Warcraft, Warhammer, DD and other epic fantasies... give it a check! Prices are really good too for the full masks.

Below: Werewolf mask and fighting claws... :)


Even if it´s a little early for Halloween (well it's never too late to plot Halloween right? they also keep some spooky props too!)



Morbid Studio Official site (includes direct contact, adress and phone, UK based)




Enchanted Tree Wear: clothing for your pixie-self

Enchanted Tree Wear is a store based in Bulgaria run by designer Boryana/Elfreya  who has translated her love for nature and the serenity of her environment in Bulgarian´s mountains into pieces that have many elements of connection with nature. Comfortable, earthy, flowing and organic .  It highlights also a collection of capelets, elven shawls and ponchos (in collaboration with her grandmother) with a boho-rustic feeling to it, perfect for forest dwellers and mori-girls too.  It mixes tribal, psy, pixie, elven with a very distinct "earthy" undertone to the items.

The listings in the store are limited as they are obviously handmade (and mostly made to order) one of a kind items, so the stock is limited to a few listings that are updated on a regular basis. They also encourage commissions and ship worldwide from Bulgaria.

Below: Elven white sorceress coat, looking absolutely comfortable and with delicious fluted sleeves

The project begun some years ago in an attempt to build a community of nature and forest lovers in one small but very wild and beautiful country in the Balkans – Bulgaria gathering fiends and artists with the same passion for natural living and psychedelic experience through art, music and meditation. Thus also the first  Enchanted Forests festival was born in 2006 in the ancient woods of Rila Mountain. Since then It´s celebrated every year.
The Enchanted Tree Wear project was born under these influences, nature, friendship, meditation, expression, seeking, and the need to seek for meaning.

It echoes of old times, a life simpler and more connected with the place we live

Below: hat and scarf, handmade




MadHouse FX Studio: high quality latex elf ears and other fx prosthetics

Originally from Spain and now relocated in magical in Fairyland country Ireland,  Madhouse FX Studio is a little company and store specialized in high quality fx prosthetics like elf ears, and even full face latex masks.

After a small hiatus due to the relocation they have just re-opened their etsy store, and stay tuned because they will be re-stocking previously available models and listing a lot of new designs shortly.

They have a really wide catalogue of Elf fears that goes from the classic elven Elrond or Galadriel to hobbits (Lord of the Ring style),  but also anime like Lodoss War or even Faun ears and others items for general cosplay. if you don't find what you  need they also encourage direct contact for commissions  (I'd personally would love to see some Gelfling ears (from The Dark Crystal) ears listed.  Thus It´s recommended to follow them on facebook so you can see the portfolio of happy clients and previous works, just in case you don't find the model you want in the etsy store.

They were so kind to send me a sample of their work and I must say I'm very impressed. First I've struggle with low quality elf ears quite a while, I usually find them complicated to attach due to my particular ear-shape,  so I was really grateful of the fact it's not only the tip but also the lobe and outer edge of the ear, so even without glue, they seem to stand seamessly and stable enough to secure them even if you don't have a friend to assist you, being then really easy to place in with latex or Spirit gum.

Below one of my favourite models, Faun Ears... great for Mori and Forest Girls... perfect combo if you use it with some cute antlers

Don´t be fooled, they have one of the largest ranges in ears, as unfair as it is, as they models seem to be copied, the future items will have their brand printed on the ears, but in a place where it´s not noticeable once the prosthetics are on.


Some of the most common requested models include Lord of The Rings custom styled ears like Legolas, Galadriel, Thranduil, hobbits, etc.

Below an example, Thranduil elven ears:

They also will be adding some props to their store, so you can finish your cosplay with nice details like these Daenerys´ dragon eggs inspired in Games of Thrones

This is me wearing their "long elf ears" model


-Madhouse FX in FACEBOOK

-Madhouse FX in ETSY (Online store)


Black Candy Fashion: UK based

Black Candy Fashion is an UK based store specialised in  affordable yet lovely looking cosplay Wigs, Jewellery and Accessories. They ship internationally.
Let´s face it, wigs are fun, they can provide a striking and dramatic change just for the moment, wether you want to cosplay your favourite anime, movie or book character, have a wig harajuku fairy key doll party with your friends or simply to change your looks in your dailywear. We all know how we can change simply changing our hair, and surfing the site we can plot go any colour we wish, chose among well known cosplay characters (Merida, Daenerys, Sailor Moon or even Frozen) or choose some moderate colour or lace front wigs for an special event.
Below: pumpkin/ginger wig (perfect for halloween) or firey red-head spirits
The store features a rather large selection of colours as well as some pastel and gradients. Some examples below.

Candy Fashion cosplay wigs Network:

Official site at

Facebook Page