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Your Fantasy Costume Articles

Zollection: tribal pixie wear

Above: lovely dress in ivory and cream by Zollection.

Zollection is a lovely store based in Canada that features an adorable collection of layered tribal pixie-fairy wear. Perfect for fairy dresses but also as casual daily wear with a touch of fantasy in it. It combines several kind of fabrics, textures and shapes but harmoniously matched to render unique pieces made to order. Pieces look comfortable and cozy. I like the fact that it is not "polished" but more raw-earthly vibe into it which fit more free spirits like mine more into bohemian/hippie style.

Below: gorgeous tattered pixie top in earthly tones... perfect for magic forest dwellers

I particularly like the way she combines the colour, to be delicately intricate and matching in a coherent palette in each one of the pieces. She uses lace, tulle, wools, stretchy fabrics, all kind of tatters and pieces but the final result can be ethereal and gorgeous, like in this dress, another one of my favourites.

If you like alternative fashion with an edgy fantasy tone, be sure to check out this store and also network with the designer.




Midnight Nymphs: Jewellery for an elven princess

Midnight Nymphs is a lovely store specialized in  handmade elven and fantasy inspired jewellery and accessories by talented designer and crafter and also  illustrator Rossana Castellino. Based in Ragusa (Italy), her handmade pieces shows her love for fantasy, myths and magic and pagan imagery. She even looks very much herself like the Luthien described in Tolkien novels. Overall, if you like regal, elegant, elven inspired tiaras, necklaces and accessories, this is a  recommended shop. Spiced with romantic gothic, victorian, and even some art-noveau inspiration, there are pieces to delight those, who like me, like to wander in forests dressed in elven attires.

Above: gorgeous matching set... ! <3. I love the leaf ornaments and matching tiara and necklace

You can also network with the crafter following her on instagram

Below another one of my favourites... I'd love one with the moon stone, it's simply gorgeous. It's offered also with other gems.


Court of the Fey: Wings for magical creatures!

Based in USA "Court of the Fey" is a lovely store run by crafter and designer Paula Herrington that specializes in wings for all kind of magical creatures and also some accessories.

Below: gorgeous Luna Moth and Monarch butterfly fairy wings. <3

Some well known butterfly and moth species are shown in the etsy store and others can be made as custom order or commissioned work in different colours and patterns.  You will find also some fantasy-inspired gorgeous leaf-shaped wings (which I loved) and even models inspired in movies (like Maleficent) or unseelie and succubus dragon-like ones. Wings are always a must in fairy conventions, fashion photo shoots and fantasy gatherings...  They are waterproof and coated so you don't have to worry if the event is outdoors and it rains. They are delicate-looking but are meant to last and are made of durable materials.  Size is just right to be stand out  by themselves but not hit everybody in a crowded even. . They wings can either be tied in backpack style, or pushed down into the back of a corset.

Above: Mini-maleficent feathered wings. I also like these for steampunk lovers. Love the brown natural look to them.

Below: gorgeous set of leaf-fairy wings, maybe among my favourite picks in the store. Perfect for autumn season.!


Inside Out... easy cosplay for this Halloween!

Well I finally watched "Inside Out" from Pixar. It was not exactly what I expected but it was overall a sweet movie to watch. Maybe a little bit naive overall but very creative. And the distinct five emotions portrayed (Sad, Joy, Disgust, Fear and Anger). Inexpensive face paint and make up is available everywhere at this time of the year, and you'll need pretty basic colours for the base and some of your own regular make up for the lips, eyeshadow and blush. Some of the props needed like glasses, ties and bows can be even made easily with felt if you want an exact match of the thing. But even if the cosplay is not perfect, is the ATTITUDE and basic colour that will do the overall effect.


There are some ready to go inside out costumes in ebay, but I recommend you have a look to your own closet first.

So if you  opt for something quite easy and recognizable this year, it makes an interesting choice, especially if you have a group of friends ready to wear each one of the different emotions.  Each one has a basic  vibrant and bright colour associated with it so  it is very easy to cosplay. Basically all you may need will be some inexpensive props and face paints... You will likely even will find the garments you need in  your own wardrobe (or your grandparent´s LOL). Another good things in this COSPLAY you can go for the CHEAPEST SHINIEST chinese wigs you will find in ebay or local stores during Halloween, because there is something fake-looking in their hairs and hairdo and this is exactly what you need :)

Above, one of the many wigs you will find in ebay, you will even find plenty already styled for the characters.

Here you have a make up tutorial by talented youtuber  dope2111 (I recommend to subscribe to this channel, this lady is sooo talented)

Joy: Plain yellow dress and short blue wig that you will find in any cosplay wig store. Easy right :), just add some spark and a wide smile along with it!

Fear: Find some  purple pants, a white button up and a  plaid sweater vest over plus a red bow tie. Add some awkward and fearful attitude like biting your nails and move nervously, you're almost there.

Disgust : She´s so cool.. I absolutely love the eyelashes. You can use feather eyelashes or simply cut some strips of paper and cover then with green glitter and apply them into your eyes with eyelash glue. A  purple shawl will add the final touch, and it might be maybe the cutest looking character of the movie.

Sadness :White  turtleneck  knit sweater and blue pants. You can find plenty of inexpensive blue wigs in your local stores or ebay. Light blue make up, an air of "this is not a great day" air in your face,  add some toy-fake glasses and you're done.

  Retro nerd round glasses...  you can find  inexpensive prop models without glasses in almost every party store and also in ebay

Anger: Anger wears formal with a white button up, a tie and tweed pants. It looks very much like the standard male office working clothes. A fake mustache and red makeup will complete your look.






Strange Little Jewelry: ethereal and tribal elf ear cuffs

Above: Angelic/fairy etheral  made of silverplated copper wire. One of my favorite models. Intricate but delicate.

Based in Odesa, Ukraine,  Strange Things Jewelry  specializes in   handmade elven ear wraps and cuffs made of copperwire and beads. No piercing needed is the best way to "elf yourself" without latex ears (or real surgery ;-). Though there are indeed plenty of stores selling these and a wealth of DIY  and tutorials out there if you feel crafty enough to try to make one yourself,  I highlight this little store today because I found some of the models cleverly beautiful. Pieces are covered in laquer for durability.

Some of the ear wraps are toned down to look less girly/fairy and more tribal like this one, perfectly suitable for boys too. I particularly like the brass colour with green beads, it makes it look very forest-elf looking.


Lily Blue Goschen... high couture fantasy made dream gowns

As some say, one picture is worth a thousand words... and in this case I truly believe so... Just look at the lovely example above... It's dreamy... It looks comfortable, organic, fairy and just out from a dream.  LA based Lily Blue Goschen  designs are simply mesmerizing and unique works of art,  for those looking for exquisitely tailored pieces. Her passion and love for beauty shows in every single piece of the catalogue, so no wonder her works have been featured by well known performers... alas! I wish to be able to perform on one of these myself. :).  Lily Blue Goschen´s clothing has a commitment to bring together beauty and quality, combining shapes, lines, waves and fabrics in an intricate way. Some models reminisce medieval patterns with long and flowing sleeves, others are imprinted by an organic nature-based tribal essence, but all the collection feature pieces of delicate and ethereal femininity. The colours are warm, ivory, golden, fragments caught between twilight and sunset... The pictures to showcase the dresses in her official site are equally beautiful. For those wanting to bring "fantasy" not only to a possible performance or convention but for special times like a party or even wedding... being of course, the princess or the queen fairy of the fairytale...


You can also network by liking Lily Blue Designs in facebook.


Scary dolls: cute but terrorizing for Halloween

Dolls are cute... and scary... and if you purposely combine those two traits the result can be really grotesque... But there is something more terrorizing than a doll... a broken, vintage, withering doll, or a rag doll tearing apart at her seams...  Asian and Korean girls have great tutorials to make up as a doll, as it seems to be highly in fashion, specially in "Lolita fashion" subculture,girls that actually dress themselves as perfect dolls even for daily wear (how cute!), they have all sorts of wigs, dresses, shoes. But you can stain with dark tones this wide eyed  cutey adding cracks to your skin and including some creepy elements to make it match for your Halloween costume.
Article: Lolita fashion in wikipedia. : a subculture that dresses like dolls on their daily wear. Below some "lolitas". They can be a source of inspirations to achieve our looks.
In ebay you can find plenty of affordable Lolita Wigs (doll-like) and Lolita dresses and gowns that could work as the base of our Halloween doll. Gothic Lolitas are usually in black but you can find also in pastel colour, like a sweet innocent Alice. :). Add some lace white socks or stockings and a pair of cute lolita shoes and you're almost there... but still "too cute". Then the fun part begins... :). Note: If you are looking for wigs I'd recommend the store Lockshop.
To make your eyes look doll-like there are many make up tricks but it's highly recommended to use fake eyelashes both  upper and lower sets.  A full eyelash on the lower eyelid is very dramatic but you can also use several invidual eye-lashes, the bigger the eye gets the better. You can also use circle coloured contact lenses like the ones from Kiwiberry to make your eye more fantastic-artificial looking.
Of course you may want to mimic a famous doll like the ones from famous movies... like Chucky or the recent  the creepy and evil Anabelle. Below make-up example for Anabelle by Venus Angelic.
You can add some ball-jointed stockings... there are from many manufacturers, mostly custom, I particularly highlight these creepy pairs by etsy store  beadborg

Zombie walks? get ready to become a walking dead!

Above: gross-looking zombies from acclaimed tv series The Walking Dead

As many of you know a Zombie walk is an organized gathering of people dressed like zombies. :) There is no deny that this genre has experienced a golden era and more even after successful tv series like "Walking dead" (hmm not so much after Fear the Walking dead which so far has no zombies at all... well, rant over). The living dead are in fashion, wether for these kind of conventions or for getting ready for upcoming Halloween :) There are some movies I'd recommend too that features different kinds of zombies and different ways to get infected but let´s name a few: 28 days later, REC (Spanish movie), Z nation and of course the "classics" Night of the Living dead and one of my favourite "Dawn of the Dead" and the hilarious spin-off "Shaun of the Dead", a brilliant zombie movie all the same... So if you need some inspiration, start with those!

At least you will need fake blood, LOTS of fake blood, to put stains in your ragged clothing and around your mouth and wounds. These can be found easily in almost every local party store. In ebay you will find fake blood in plenty of brands, prices and qualities.

If you  still want to find "the love of your life" in a zombie party (unlikely but well, I've seen stranger things) and not wanting to go all ugly remember that you can opt for different levels of decompositions and rotting, so as long as you look dead you don't have to go that extreme...  you can even opt for a "dolly" or "pin-up" zombie girl. In those examples some  Burton´s inspired "corpse bride" look are usually guarantee of success!  (opt for blueish or pale white skin and just darken around your cheeks and eyes to make them look bony) but c´mon! :) the fun part about being a zombie is that the more grotesque the better... I've seen all sorts of zombies, even zombified supernatural creatures (like werewolves or fairies)... No limits, except you've been biten by a not-dead and you're doomed.

What about the costumes? This when you can also be creative. You can go for any character from any era and make it rise from the dead... right! Remember Michael Jackson´s thriller? So you can choose actual daily wear or historical clothing, or even funny options like "Elvis Presley" and other dead classics... All you have to do is to tear, age, and add some blood and dirt! :) You can add bloody hand prints or use gray or brown spray paint to age it, or soak it in tea and let it drow. NO IRONING PLEASE! :)

-How to create zombie costumes in 12 steps (with pictures) from Wikihow

Some useful links:

-Really scary DIY gory Zombie make up tutorial by freakmo.

but if you are not skilled with prosthetics maybe you want to consider easier alternatives with only  make up (and maybe some fx lenses)

-If you want to add some creepy details my talented make up friend KlaireDelys has made some tutorials about disgusting and gory details like broken nails.... eww!

Latex and walking dead creativity are good friends... here another video about how to make a realistic looking zombie bite :) after all a must to become a... WALKING DEAD
And when everything is looking bloodily disgusting you can add some jerky uncoordinated movements and perform your character. After all you're not supposed to talk or think... much!
BRAAAAAINNNNNNNS!!!!!! (if you´re into the old fashioned risen from the graves) or OOOOOAAARRRRGGG :) The scary thing about a zombie is that they don't UNDERSTAND, they just work by instinct! said this, if you find one (or many in a zombie walk) just RUN!
Have fun! Happy Halloween!



Forever soles: jewellery for fairy feet!


I love barefoot sandals and jewellery! They are so ethereal and light...

I confess I am not the owner of a pretty pair of feet, but even to my hobbit feet I am sure these would look so good!. We have covered barefoot sandal stores before, but this article focus in a lovely little store from Australia called  FOREVER SOLES that specializes also in this kind of shoe-wear, and that features a long collection of silver or white models perfect not only for alternative brides but also for moonbeam fairies :). Elegant from minimal to elaborate it will make you want to dance under the moonlight or feel the sand under your feet!  They will adapt to your ankles by a fastening change. They look fairy and ancient at the same time. Most of the models are made of silver and that will require some care from your part to keep the shining keeping them in a dry place and cleaning them often with a cloth. But aren´t they lovely?

The site also features some lovely anklets and even some conventional shoes. For lighthearted spirits!



FQcouture (Faerie Queen Couture): unicorn circlets, venetian masks and more


Above: Metal looking unicorn venetian filigree mask by Fqcouture

Above: handmade luscious and vibrant red gown with custom corset and bodice.


Fqcouture is a USA-based  store specialized in handmade fantasy inspired accessories and costumes.  Owner and crafter Daisy Viktoria launched her own brand for her creations and thus Fq Couture (Faerie Queen Couture was born). Out from her own love for fantasy she offers a lovely collection of circlets, filigree Venetian maks, unicorn horns, underbust corsets and even lovely  layered faerie or ruffled Victorian/steampunk skirts.

Above: underbust pirate/victorian vest in black. Also available in other colours, including some lovely models with a stripes that reminisce of "circus" inspired fashion.

Below: Cage hoop undergarments to make your skirts look full.  She has quite a few different models to adjust to different time fashion eras.

But there is much more you can find out about this designer. She obvious love historical garments and you fill find an AMAZING fortfolio in this this FAERIE QUEEN SITE


This includes some lovely medieval, renaissance, fantasy and even gowns inspired in ancient times or different civilisations :) A must see. :)  I wish I had her skills with the needle.

Above: Eowyn inspired medieval dress


You can also network with the crafter for custom orders or couture pieces (including corsetry) as well as having a look to her past and current catalogue and more at her official site at