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Hysteria Machine ghostly headdresses and props


Based in UK, Hysteria Machine is a shop that specialized in  designing amazing fantasy headddresses. and other fantasy props and accessories. Created by designer Cara Trinder and inspired by many subcultures and fantasy and folklore sources, her pieces look out of a gothic ghost old book, those who you would not read by dim light... With a dark edge in her creations, they range from small antlers and tentacles to massive and detailed crowns and headdresses. Stunning!


Using resin casts and faux skulls some of the pieces are eerie and disturbing but deliciously intrincate. I´m tempted to buy something with rat skulls, my totem, specially knowing they are not real skulls you know :) because I´ve had pet rats and Iove them. Knowing they are fake bones though makes me wanting to try them as a provocative state of my love for these species.

If you are looking for something very specific  they encourage to contact for a possible custom commission. They are based in UK but ship worldwide through their etsy store.

Some of the items listed are ready to ship and others are made to order, so please read the shipping policies and description of the items. They usually collaborate with very talented photographers, and some of the photos featuring the works are stunning. It is worth to visit even if only to be inspired by their evergrowing portfolio. Sometimes slightly disturbing but eerily beautiful...

Above: Picture taken by photographer Laura Sheridan featuring a headpice by Hysteria Machine. Below another picture taken by the ame photographer with an equally ghostly eerie white set.


they also have some items delightfully geek... as this ring and necklace inspired in the Labyrinth knocker.As a Labyrinth fan, this is like woahhh :). I love this kind of details.


For lovers of the unusual, rare, strange and almost occult... have a look at these lovely planchettes... A delicious of victorian of steampunk oriented cosplays

Don´t forget to network with the crafter for sneak peeks at works in progress, flash sales, giveaways and more.

Hysteria Machine on facebook

Hysteria Machine on twitter

Hysteria Machine in Instagram



Dark Angel Clothing company needs your help and SALE on their Etsy

You can help! The Dark Angel company based in UK have suffered the floods that took place there recently, and the studio and stores fabrics, machines and store was badly damaged. Owner and designer  (and talented fantasy photographer) Carri Angel opened the year with the tragedy of seeing her work (again, because some years back they found themselves in the same distress) inundated by mood and water and also affecting the team of workers there.

Her partner in the fantasy photography project Lunaesque Angela Harper inmediately opened a gofundme page as "rescue plan" for the flood support. Inmediately many friends and happy customers started to contribute. You can read the case and show your support here, thus helping The Dark Angel to re-open in the near future.

With part of that money the company has sent many "rescued" pieces to professional cleaning and they are making a MASSIVE SALE on etsy. So if you are looking for a BARGAIN it is also a good way to contribute.

Below: velvet military cloak... I'd love to see my man with this sigh... don't you? This and other many offers are continuously being added to their Etsy Sale which also contribute to overcome this terrible incident.

Now who woudn´t dream of this dress! The Gallery couture (made to order) seem to be up and running to, look at one example below, isn't the colour just so beautiful?

I post this not as an affiliate in anyway but as an absolute happy customer through the years. They create beautiful fantasy clothing and in fact It was among the first shops we featured in this blog in this article "Dark Angel: Exquisite Fairytale Clothing", and still among my favourites. Some of my most iconic performance gowns have been from this store, and through they years they remain impecable.

Above: me wearing The Dark Angel Purple Gothic dress


The Dark Angel in facebook


Good Luck and I hope to see The Dark Angel studio back to normal soon enough. Love and Light!




Regalia Designs: Amazing fantasy headpieces and fascinators

Above: Horned headpiece with moss made by Regalia Designs... simply gorgeous for nymphs and forest sprites.

I found out Regalia Designs through a giveaway contest they held in their instagram account. I wasn´t the lucky winner but I joined their account to watch their lovely collection of headpieces, fascinators and also the gorgeous pictures alt photographers and models with them they share.  Founder by Nicole Carter in 2009 Even if some of the pieces feature feathers and bones, there is a bold statement in their sites that even if it's less affodable they do only use CRUELTY FREE sources. So rest assured no animal was injured for them.

Using delicate combinations of vintage rhinestones,  feathers, fabric flowers, silk, Swarovski crystals, pearls, lace and other  materials, each piece is meant to be unique and and crafted with high quality materials.

The site also includes a section so you can make a custom order, so if there is something in your imagination you would like to be made, they're open to read your request.

Wether you are an alternative bride looking for a different kind of fascinator, or you're looking for a striking piece for a fantasy shoot, you will find all sorts of intricate pieces. Some very affordable by the way.

Below: some fascinators, one lovely earthly one with acorns and the other with steampunk undertones.

Besides the headpieces, they also feature some mini-hats and even bellydance attires.

The ones with earthly colours, ivory flowers and moss are my favourites but if you are looking for something colourful and striking, you would likely find it. Some with a northern celtic vibe, others with a clear and distinct fire-vibrant oriental note. Others frosty and delicate.



Below some links to Regalia Designs network, so you don't miss past items, works in progress, not to miss their giveaways and so forth! :)



Below, creator Nicole wearing one of her own pieces. Love all the beads in front, they almost look like spider eyes to me, which I love. :)



Edit: I just got this lovely surprise in my mailbox, so below you can see two lovely hairpins I received from Nicole, and me wearing a lovely purple moss hairpin lovely brocade corsets, blouses and pirate garments!


To be a Pirate is a company specialized in pirate costumes, shirts, chemises, bodices and other accessories. It is also in ebay listed as "Draping Concepts" sporting a healthy 100% positive account so I have bookmarked them to maybe get some of the lovely bodices they listed (which is how I found them)

Based in India, it offers high quality but reasonably priced medieval and Pirate Clothing both for women and men and also for kids. The side also has some items that are eligible for Steampunk followers and also accessories and props like swords, belts,  boots and even buttons! If you are in a hurry to attend a pirate or renaissance fair and your budget is tight, I'd recommend this store as a one-stop. They also have some "full" costumes/kits  ready to go, in several levels of budgets.

This one rings "The Princess Bride" to me somehow...

I would highlight that among the enormous list of bodices and corsets (in a myriad of colours), Draping Concepts store also offers brocades and unusual fabrics featuring greens and richly patterned materials of unusual colours. I will post a few below. They look nicely made, I wish I could try one on to see if they are comfortable.


Below: green bodice in greens drapery. It makes me think of seaweed, perfect for "mermaids" and "nymphs" too!

There are others also in luscious teal, dark greens and golds, with damascus fabric and brocades. I found some of them really unusual and perfect fitting not only for pirate clothing but also for fantasy/fairy garments.

Above: Some of my favourite steel boned corsets in earthly light green, gold and turquoise. :) I love them. They have a reasonable price too. Maybe not as cheap as the "chinese" sports but the fabrics looks sturdier and they have an overall less shiny/cheap look. I'd have to try one on though to make a final review :)

For men (and gentlemen ;-)) Draping Concepts also offer some lovely victorian brocade vests and elegant tailcoats like the following one.


Giles Newman: fantasy carved in wood

Giles Newman is an artist based in UK that carve the most amazing pieces in wood inspired by nature. Each piece is carefully handmade and is one of a kind. It has that lovely raw and rough quality of something made in ancient times, and the result is strikingly beautiful. Giles has a store at etsy with ready to ship items at

Below: lovely dragonfly pendant

Giles has a lovely collection of spoons that would make a lovely prop for a "fairy wedding" or fantasy setting, but also makes necklaces and pendants that you can wear. The tree of life, ivy, leaves, flowers, dragons, and all sorts of animals and creatures from the forest. There is something in his work that roots with the planet, something rustic but gentle and warm like the hearth of a home. Something  organic and wild and almost pagan calling in each piece too. They are not cheap, but neither cheaply or quickly made, no lasercut piece, but delicately carved from sketch to finished piece you can appreciate the true craftmanship of this British talent.

You can also interact following his work in instagram, where sometimes he makes some giveaways :) and you can see the creation and making of process of some of the pieces. You can also join his  youtube channel and see how he carve one of the pieces.

Below: perfect spoons for pixies and fairies


Leafling bags: add some fairy-leafy-pixie accessories to your daily wear

These are super cute, they look like something you would use as daily wear... I confess that I usually find conventional bags ugly, because I tend to dress a little big pixie and fairy (even if I'm not in a fantasy convention doesn't mean I can´t add some touches of fantasy to my daily wear). Thus I was surfing the net and found this cute leafy handmade bags and backpacks.  Leafling Bags is based in Budapest (Hungary) though they ship worldwide. Bags are made of cordura, with water resistant lining, pvc and web coated canvas.  They offer several models from cute mini-bags to bike or rucksacks. You can also make a custom order among many colours of fabric and stitching :). Cute! I'd pick the greens and browns... the pictures they show are lovely.

Take into account that though there are some "ready to ship" items, the store run mostly on a "made to order" model and thus you have to allow some time for the bag to be made.

You can also network with the crafters in the following networks:


Vincent Cantillon Masks: Prepare yourself for a Goblin Masquerade

Oh I´m in love with the Goblin Queen mask by "Vincent Cantillon". As a fan of the movie "Labyrinth" (I have performed myself some songs in some concerts along with the designers of the movie and I am a total fan of it still) the Masquerade ball, which is sort of elegant but decadent is among my favourite parts in the movie. So surfing around I found this lovely mask!  :).

Made with leather, lace, metallic ornaments... luscious, intricate and very sexy :). I can´t even make a decision which one is more gorgeous :)

Based in USA  (Colorado) this designer and crafter renders lovely and unique pieces, and judging by the happy clients reviews It is worth the money. I may say for some of the pieces the prices are very fair.

So far bookmarking this lovely store to return back again. I´d love  one of these to perform, so better to know having them properly "located": Meanwhile if you can afford, these seems the finest to me... Jareth is waiting... Do you want to be the "Goblin Queen"?

There are options for men too...

Below: Mens size leather mask with cast horns,lace,gold tone metal accents,black agate stones. I´d love to see it in black or white too :) or even earthly tones :)

Overall the combination of materials and detail in ornaments is exquisite.Have a look to this lovely store and its collections of handmade maks at "Vincent Cantillon".


Spirit hoods: embrace the animal spirit you are

Above: FAUX FUR red fox hoodie (eco-friendly, no animal hair used for these items)

Spirithoods is a store specialized in warm, cuzy, furry, fluffly awesome animal hoodies for women and also for men!! :) (c´mon gentlemen you an be edgy too). Now that winter is drawing near and the weather turns cold, these are the cutest scarfs and hats you could get, and also OF COURSE, 100% faux fur, ecofriendly. Because we are talking about embracing your animal self and respect it... so your fantasy costume is against real fur items, plus faux faur looks equally awesome (and cleaner). Even more Spirithoods donate 10% of their earnings to the conservation of endangered species.  All authentic Spirithoods are made in Los Angeles California, with the highest quality fake fur, so though realistic looking you can rest assured knowing that no animals are harmed during the creation of any of the products. In fact the company was awarded with the  Peta Libby Award for Best Animal-friendly Clothing Company.

Above: fluffy lilac unicorn hoodie, perfect for parties

If you prefer something less realistic you have also some colourful unicorns and fantasy oriented products as well :). Below my favourite, the grey wolf (men version), along with the Red Fox. But they also have pandas, bears, huskies and other animal friends. And again... proving one more you don't need to kill an animal to wear a lovely furry garment... all the contrary.

You can also network by liking "Spirit Hoods" in their official facebook page



Zollection: tribal pixie wear

Above: lovely dress in ivory and cream by Zollection.

Zollection is a lovely store based in Canada that features an adorable collection of layered tribal pixie-fairy wear. Perfect for fairy dresses but also as casual daily wear with a touch of fantasy in it. It combines several kind of fabrics, textures and shapes but harmoniously matched to render unique pieces made to order. Pieces look comfortable and cozy. I like the fact that it is not "polished" but more raw-earthly vibe into it which fit more free spirits like mine more into bohemian/hippie style.

Below: gorgeous tattered pixie top in earthly tones... perfect for magic forest dwellers

I particularly like the way she combines the colour, to be delicately intricate and matching in a coherent palette in each one of the pieces. She uses lace, tulle, wools, stretchy fabrics, all kind of tatters and pieces but the final result can be ethereal and gorgeous, like in this dress, another one of my favourites.

If you like alternative fashion with an edgy fantasy tone, be sure to check out this store and also network with the designer.




Midnight Nymphs: Jewellery for an elven princess

Midnight Nymphs is a lovely store specialized in  handmade elven and fantasy inspired jewellery and accessories by talented designer and crafter and also  illustrator Rossana Castellino. Based in Ragusa (Italy), her handmade pieces shows her love for fantasy, myths and magic and pagan imagery. She even looks very much herself like the Luthien described in Tolkien novels. Overall, if you like regal, elegant, elven inspired tiaras, necklaces and accessories, this is a  recommended shop. Spiced with romantic gothic, victorian, and even some art-noveau inspiration, there are pieces to delight those, who like me, like to wander in forests dressed in elven attires.

Above: gorgeous matching set... ! <3. I love the leaf ornaments and matching tiara and necklace

You can also network with the crafter following her on instagram

Below another one of my favourites... I'd love one with the moon stone, it's simply gorgeous. It's offered also with other gems.