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Ronafly Creations: fairy jewellery inspired by the seasons

Enchanted Lote Tree: Mystical crystal jewellery

Nilenia Arts: Accessories crafted for fairies by fairies

All the forest in your hands... Kentrkatty hand-painted bracelets

Mermaid stockings with scales... daily wear for mermaids in disguise

The medieval mouse: fairy treasures and accessories

SPIRIT Elf ears headphones: transform yourself into an elf while you listen to music!

Art by Aelia: gorgeous Dragon necklace drapers and other animal totems

Midsummer´s Night Masquerade : mushroom pendants and other pixie things

Lotus and Co: Septums for tribal magical creatures

Spirit Fox Crystals: Amulets for Druids

Sinu: Handmade macrame jewellery with a pagan twist

Giles Newman: fantasy carved in wood

Leafling bags: add some fairy-leafy-pixie accessories to your daily wear

Spirit hoods: embrace the animal spirit you are

Midnight Nymphs: Jewellery for an elven princess

Strange Little Jewelry: ethereal and tribal elf ear cuffs

Blacksnake Workshop: Magic worlds creations from Steampunk to Goth!

Under the Ivy... delicate treasures for fairy queens! Wings, garlands and accessories

Lee´s Menagerie: butterfly fairy earrings

Pendulous threads: geek accessories and lovely lace masks and jewellery

Kissed by Pixies: horns, garlands, feather eyelashes and other fantasy accessories

Lanadeflor: Hand-felted scarfs with flowers for urban fairies and bohemian spirits

La tienda del dragon dorado: Stunning handmade wood-carved magic wands

Mitmunk: fancy printed leggins (amour and bionic legs in the easiest way)

Lashes for Masses: feather and burlesque faux eyelashes

Mare shop: fingerless gloves for dragons and exotic birds costumes

Deidre dreams: Crowning fairies with all colors of the rainbow

Bionic Concepts: from Steampunk Wings to wearable robotic Tron-line armour pieces

Neirahda: viking and celtic inspired ornaments

Folkowl: Gorgeous Hand felted faerie and pixie wear

Winter is approching: get turn your fantasy costume warm but pretty! Gloves and scarfs by Laima Shop

Draconian dreams: complements for a luring she-vampire

Miss Nebel: Cabaret, tribal, steampunk and tribal jewellery

Moonshine baby creations: feather eyelashes and headpieces

Little bottle magic pendants by 13th Psyche

Faux fur tales and accessories by Vrykolakas visions

Tragically adorned: unique vintage, victorian and steampunk jewellery

Antoinette´s Atelier: Amazing Rococo powdered wigs

Sihaya Designs Fairy Jewelry

Steampunk Goggles by Felix Goggles

Sandala Moon: cute and lovely fairy pouches and bracelets

Create a pendant: Jewelry kits and tutorials by Matthew Nix

Eliu's store: elven and pagan inspired jewelry

Enchanted Leaves: fairy necklaces by Nedda Shishegar

Electro-I-K: amazing sci-fi futuristic jewellery with recycled materials

Evil Ogis Garb: historical and fantasy accessories, jewellry and garments for a fairytale princess

Chain Crafts: handmade chain jewellry and armor... apocalyptical futuristic items

Piel de lobo: Historical reproductions belts, armors, pouches and more

Tatoo socks: so clever and sexy idea. Show your legs next Halloween!