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Von Lancelot: affordable but pretty princess dresses!

Von Lancelot is an ebay store that feature a very affordable collection of renaissance, medieval, pirate, colonial and vintage garments.
I have to say that it's one of those rare cases where the quality of the actual real garment might be more than you  were waiting for the price you paid and the photos provided by ebay.  I have a neighbor that ordered one and I'll say it was an offer (because they have lots of sales and special offers too) and I was surprised because it was much better than she and I had expected and it really suited her well, she´s become a happy customer so I have seen quite a few of the things with my eyes. The fabric was really soft and the trim was not cheesy. Of course you can always order a simple garment and ten use it as a base to customize it.

She got one similiar to this for a re-tale of little Red Riding Hood, I don't know i feel inclined for this character... It's somehow because of the wolves/werewolves nature it implies!

red hood corset

And now... what would I get for myself... hmmm!! These two are among my favorites! In the coat one a really pretty trim has been added and look at the clasps. It reminds me to Eowyn in the lord of the rings. I also  like the white one because it looks like an easy point to customize my own dress upon it like a "white canvas" and you can even quit the bodice and use the rest as a chemise.

dress and coat lotrmedieval white dress

The white one is also available in a lot of colors and also with trim, though I'm really fond of the more natural colored ones like the ones above and the next,  really like this very natural color one.

renaissance dress

It has also more colorful and elaborated models if you want. Sizes goes from small to extra-large, so you won't have any problem in fitting once you've checked the chart with the right size. I'll hand pick this one as an option to dress like "the Queen of Hearts". With a crown, a heart pendant and a few details, this lovely red Elizabethan style garment would be nice for a Halloween "Queen of Hearts" costume. Link leads to a previous article we made with tips and tricks to dress like this character.

red elizabethan dress

For men it has some monk robes that are really interesting for medieval monk or sorcerer costumes. They also have some buccaneer and pirate costumes, though I prefer better the catalog for women which seems to be more complete.

monk black robe

Above: monk robe

Von Lancelot keeps also a sister site store name  called My Cloak featuring cloaks  mostly but also buccaneer and pirate men garments, bonnets, hats and more in different sizes and shapes. Also if you can´t find the right size of any garment you can ask the seller to make it for you.

This one is really fitting for a "Snow Queen" costume

snow queen  winter cloak



#1 Vonlacncelot is no longer a

Anonymous's picture

Vonlacncelot is no longer a store on ebay.. unless he has changed the name of the ebay store. Sucks cause hes awesome! 

#2 These people STOLE

Anonymous's picture

These people STOLE proprietary designs from another corset maker. They have been ordered to cease and desist from making corsets that are not their designs.



#3 I always loved your stuff on

Anonymous's picture

I always loved your stuff on Ebay, I have three of your costumes, two I'm now to big to wear, where can I go to see your renaissance clothing?

#4 I so need to have that

Tina's picture

I so need to have that dress..... how do I manage that? No longer registered with Ebay? =( Soooo sad.
Please, email me how to get my hands on one of these beauties.

#5 I can't seem to find you on

A very interested costumer!'s picture

I can't seem to find you on ebay, I very much hope you have not closed your store?? I am soon to be traveling, and than once I settle in, I will most definately be buying for my home future parties. Please let me know the status of your store, or consider re-opening??

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