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The twilight parlour: corset, vintage, burlesque and lovely victorian dresses...!

The twilight parlour is the home website of AZAC designs and Azrael´s accomplice designs where they list their corset works, underpinnings, bridal gowns, masquerade and cocktail and masquerade gowns... A delightful, strange, alluring  and beautiful collection of the highest quality to discover.  The company was founded and still run by the skilled and creative designerTracy Robertson, known as "Batty" in the underground fashion/subculture. The passion behind the designs is really obvious, nourishing from vintage, modern, historical, gothic and a wealth of influences. So here I go with some handpicks so you can make an idea of what i'm talking about!

fairytale princess dress 
Above: Fairytale princess dress: Though it can be obviously used as a wedding dress I like this dress cos it reminds me a bit to Sarah ball gown in "Labyrinth".


This is another of my favorites This gown is based  and inspired  their popular fairytale princess gown,but slightly adapted to reflect the styling of the White Queen gown from Mr. Burton's movie Alice In Wonderland.
She also has lovely some rococo and Marie Antoinette designs that we have mentioned in our article "Marie Antoinette and other rococo fantasies"

In the mood of some victorian/ghost/steampunk?

Green ghost victorian dress

The Ghost Town Belle gown is a decadent journey into Victorian style and modern wear-ability.The gown is made of a delicious combination of high quality 100% silk dupioni, shiny lustrous satin, and gorgeous beaded lace. It can be ordered in different colors.

They have also an Azac etsy store  and also one in ebay where you can see some of their listings. Be ready for some gorgeous garments!!



#1 i always loved the movie

rebecca's picture

i always loved the movie labyrinth ever since i was a little kid. i wanted a dress like sarahs growing up because i wanted that dress for when i got married. i got engaged in april of 2010 after having a near death experience and ive beentrying to find that dress for ever but unfortuanaly i cannot afford it right now because i have my lttle girls to take care of and they are my life.  they are huge fans like me and please keep up the great work on desining the movie costumes they are awesome.

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