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Alex London weird and unique alternative couture


Alex London Design
is a small couture house based out of NYC born from the skills of talented clothing designer Alex London who was a child prodigy and founded this label as well as Artificial Intrigue. With a deep need to capture the images seen in the darkest and most beautiful parts of the human mind ...
Alex London uses, less then conventional techniques and asthetic. Somehow dark, and I'd say more warped than twisted, the company have rendered a wealth of awesome garments and accessories that will lure you and entice the eeriest corners of your soul.

Above: Rebirth feathered collar (the ruff of my dreams... sigh!, just perfect!). Alex London feature a lot of accessories featuring feathers that combine so magically with her creations.


Above: their delightful revision of the Mad Hatter (Feather choker and shoulder feather wings are sold as separate accessories that you can combine with your already owning garments or other pieces of the collection.  The coat are made to measure both for men and women.
Above: Another view of the Shoulder feather wings made out of coque feathers. Dramatic, dark, awesome!
Above: Golden/Brown brocade Age Victorian Ruffle Gown
With an eye for the disturbingly beautiful, and a sense of humor to match, Alex London aims to show the world that what is wonderful is not always what is expected.
They have a shop with most items on their catalogue at Artificial intrigue US trendy

You can see some outstanding items listed also in their etsy store at Pandamoniom Etsy store.


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