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LRP STORE : Costumes, props and weapons for role players


Above: long vampire coat


LRP STORE is the Europe's largest online retail shop dedicated to the world of Costume, Props and Role-Play. From vampires and pirates to viking and medieval and LOTR AND D&D armor, weapons, accessories and more and also proposals of the matching items to make the most common characters you would like to portray if you're used to play live role play, or just for your freak fun self to party or impress with the right haloween prop. And a note from some of our followers that e-mailed me asking for more "stuff for guys and less girlish.."!! ok, ok! got it, here you have some fun! At your command! The really big highlight of the website are the armor (from pieces  like rings and D shaped scales for your "make your own", bracers    and also complete already to ship  sets (leather, chainmail, roman...)

Oh and they have a small collection of accessories which include some lovely Belt pouches... Ohhh I JUST WANT this one! snif!

They an ever changing range of LARP weapons, swords  from basic knight blades to rapiers, cutlasses, samurai katana swords  and even Orc cleavers,axes,  bows, arrows and quivers, pirate pistols and even some steampunk-looking devices. They have stock  ready to ship in  several styles  in multiple lengths as well so you can have a short and long sword to match. Some examples below:     

Above: examples of weapons (Left: steampunk vulcane gun ; right: pirate pistol). Below: Axe


LRP store has also a quite  big collection of costumes like shirts, coats, lady gowns and cloaks like the following:



If it wasn't enough with all of these, the site  includes  also a  small section of most common used prostetics like elf ears, witches and devil  chins, fake noses and so forth as well as a selection of basic make up sets. So even for surfing quite a while and open your mind to new ideas for your fantasy costume, LRP store offer quite a lot of time of entertainment by itself.


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