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TPF faerie wear: Clothing and accessories for modern faeries

TPF faeriewear is a clothing  company based in UK that makes urban faerie wear

As the  TPF official site site is currently under construction most of the activity and latest models can be seen and purchased directly to Helen Robinson directly  by email of  from her Facebook of Myspace TPF networking sites. I recommend you to start by the Facebook one cos it includes an open gallery of models, her contact and also a happy customers gallery so you can make an idea of what you'll get. Most of the items are lovely for a informal daily fairy wear... I simply love the hoodies!. All garments look fitting for extremely vivid and happy people. And sure indeed they look like so!


She creates also some corsets which are made of fabrics that are not typical brocades but looking some more tribal or informal and still looking  like a stylizing corset due to the shape. With stars or ravens stamped and in sorts of bright colors.

This is a "pirate" inspired costume. Hat, corset and bustle

tpf pirate

She also makes some coats and hoodies... I love the hoods, they're so cute and wearable... there are a wealth of colors and motifs but also in forest browns and greens and simple if you want them to match with other pixie wear you may have.

Oh and I simply love the furry ones... I'd love one in white!!

furry purple hood

But we do not fish here... there are a lot of things more you can have a look at!

Above: Red and black ladybird Gown and big bustle (wings are creation of another crafter Silly pixie creations which we will cover in the future.You can find these big bustles in ragged ghostly whites (my favorites) and other stripped colors and lengths.

You can find also accessories like bags, pixie pointed pocket belts (cute and so useful to wear even over your jeans) and even mini top hats like this one

striped top hat

hmm somhoe is very Tim Burton's!


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