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El Bosque animado: Tribal Faerie Wear from Spain

Above: shot of "El bosque animado" 2011 summer collection fairy tribal wear

El Bosque animado is a shop specialized in handcrafted  tribal faerie wear located in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. We´ve covered this genre of fantasy clothing several times, with shops like "Senjo" or "Opal Moon designs" among other, and it's indeed a very popular one, but it surprised me that this time the shop (you can find them in their official Bosque animado Blog or also primarly based in facebook  ) is heading from my own country, Spain. And it has indeed some really lovely  pieces that will please not only tribal bellydancers but also modern urban dryads and faeries that want to add to their casual clothes a touch of magic. Mostly in green, brown and ivory matching earthy tones, the items from "El bosque animado" has a lovely tribal and vintage quality, both fantasy but wearable, and of course, all handcrafted and one of a kind pieces. You can commission similar ones but there are not two that are quite the same. There´s an email to contact the crafter if you want to ask about the prices

El bosque animado also have accessories like tiaras, crowns and dreads, and also arm and foot warmers.I'm in love with this gloves and matching foot covers in brown and ivory

Summer collection is heading to white and ivory fresh colors...  I have a crush for that laced in frong white vest...! Really ethereal

There are also lush green items for dryads :)

Overall, earthy, tribal with a lovely accent of fusion


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