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Hot to dress like a sexy Mrs Claus this Christmas

sexy mrs claus santa helper

Again  the year is getting close to Christmas season...! Lights are sparkling in the street, everybody seems to be happier despite the cold weather... diets can go to hell... time for candy and misbehave!.  Time to remember our last year article about chrismas elfs  now that my mailbox is starting to be spammed with the "elf yourself" pictures of my friends.... Anyway...

Here we go now talking about Mrs Claus and Santa Baby helpers... Becuase let´s face it, dressing like an old woman with big curves and glasses might not be the smartest (though sweet) option to be the "queen of the party" (private or not ;-))

So here some tips to become a younger sexier Mrs Claus this Christmas

Becoming a sexy Mrs Claus is very easy to start with as there are a wealth of adult versions of the costume. It's something that you can easily swear yourself, as basically any combination of reds and whites will do. There are some sites exclusively devoted to give ideas for this character like A faux fur white trim and red wood is all you may need. But there are very cheap and ready to go "naughty" Mrs Claus... And infinite possibilities regarding red lingerie that you can easily customise. Some tips and ideas can be taken from another article we made about another character fonds of reds "Queen of Hearts"



The etsy store sparkleeyes has some "pin up" 50's glamour  styled verions that would differ a bit of the standard adult costumes available elsehwere

 Of course red and white striped socks is always a sexy accessorie to add! 

  striped red socks chrismas
  And don't forget a red hat... you can always use a floral crown that you can make using wire and fake faux flowers. Mistletoe is the must for the season and really easy to find as decoration items. Using branches and winter fruits maybe even red beads you can make a more faery version of Mrs Claus, but if wanting to state clear what's your dress about don't forget your Santa Claus hat.... During december you can find them everyhere, even in you local store, for really no money This is the season, or make it yourself (I did one for my hamster!!) You don't believe me??? look!

   cute hamster santa claus totonika   
And I'm sorry lady cos Totonika is the cutest and sexiest and most wonderful Mrs Claus ever! :) and no matter how hard you try!

Getting serious...If you're like me, maybe the all above versions are a bit "too much" for you.  Guess I'm a vintage formal lady... but being formal doesn't mean that you can't be pretty and sexy as Mrs Claus... but we´ll move now on in a slightly different direction :) for options. :)



    Dark Angel Red corset    


Above: Red brocade corset by The Dark Angel fairy company, one of my favorite clothing stores on earth!! They have matching red organza cloaks togo along with it and the combination is outstanding!

I parituclarly like this white chemise to go with it, it's sold by a store called Faire Lady that  we feature previously in your fantasy costume. They also have it in red, as well as some really nice red garments and bodices for this purpose.


Below: Mrs Claus (or Red Riding Hood) renaissance dress from another previously featured store Speedy Stitches. Another elegant yet lovely option.

To end (for now as I may update during this month) you can opt too (if the need is to be elegant) for a promo gown in white and reds and then add a funny santa hat or crown as hint of your dress. There are some chinese inexpensive stores that have prom gowns all full and quite amazing for the matter. I've highlighted this store called    zhangxia888 because of the following two matching models they list.



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