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Leafy creations: dryad-like urban faery wear and other items inspired by forest leaves

Above: leave cushions and blanket... tell me you don't want these on your bed...  I DO they're lovely!!

Leafy creations is a lovely store based in Australia that find in the forests and leaves their source of inspiration to make a lovely collection  of items inspired in the shape of the leaves.  Not only clothing but also home wear like blankets and cushions that will make your room look like a fairy lair or could be also a great asset for theater or performing atrezzo and props . I'd really to love to grab a few at least ;-). Some of the items are customizable in color

Butterfly top: and you're having fairy wings with it already

and combining in a love way with this pixie leaf style laced up skirt (I wish I had the movie for that) but it makes also a lovely  over-skirt  or belt if you want to wear even over jeans... I really highly recommend you all to wear this kind of things combining them with casual clothes in your everyday wear... you don't have to wait till Halloween... Yes YOU don't have to be a boring person!! ;-)


Leafy creations for forest pixies, dryads and fairies, but also for urban ones if you dare. They look warm,  comfortable and of the great quality, so you'd do well in bookmarking these :)


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