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Intergalactic Apparel: Pixie wear from the forest dwellers to the stars...!

intergalactic banner

Intergalactic  apparel specializes  in Original Wearable Art made from fabric scraps and other reclaimed materials. The store is the team of two designers Kaiya and Glacia. By the enthusiasm and the good vibrations in all the item descriptions you can´t help but feel a warmth wave of natural colors... and They're definitely eco-friendly  and beating in sync with nature when designing their garments that overall seem to be very bound to the earth with browns and forest greens, and luscious leafy designs... in their words "they are deeply committed to doing  their  part to heal this planetary situation of corporate slavery and greed.By using these materials as well as providing new ways of expression through fashion, we are lending our efforts to this healing and hope to bring a smile to your face in the process" using  Re-purposed materials to stay true to Gaia

pixie wear

They are all so natural looking, so wearable and look so comfortable... informal but totally cool and uniqueI could wear this kind of things EVERY DAY.... Here in Spain probably it will drive some looks but I  also as i started to make things myself it's really so inspiring with all those tiny little pieces and laces... :)

corset skirt woodland

 Above: Earth Fae Interstellar weave corset skirt:
The most fun part about this skirt is the interstellar weave which is tiny pieces of lace, scraps and tons of love and good vibrations all sewn together. This one has very earthy tones of browns and greens all mixed together.

"Creating is like meditation for us where we can be free from limits, no expectations, no thoughts, just pure love creatively flowing through us. You will feel this love when you're wearing one of our creations!"

Authenticity and originality is one of the key goals of them  and they have a lovely collection of  jackets, hoods, dresses, skirts, and leg warmers. And by their happy faces and sparkly item descriptions wearing this kind of garments has to be an incredible mood booster

Look at these  pixie coats... they´re lovely... they also make custom ones if the one you see is not the one you want... The jackets and skirts of these ladies are awesome...  I WANTTTTT ONE for upcoming autumn and root to the earth!

forest green coat brown pixie coat

I wouldn't even be able to chose among the green or brown one... My greedy self wants them both!!  sigh!!

Have a look, some of the prettiest urban pixie faery wear out there!


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