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Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland White Queen Halloween costume ideas

Tim Burton White queen

Above:Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland Mirana The White Queen portrayed by Anne Hathaway (see wikipedia article about the background of this character)

One of the most eye catching characters portrayed in Tim Burton's Alice in wonderland movie is the White Queen Character. We had previously covered an article about the Red Queen... so now we go for her sister and antagonist.

If you want to make it yourself you can see some of the details of the original costume in a very resource for this and other movie inspired garments at costumers guide.


original movie white queen dress

Above: the original dress used in Tim Burton's movie "Alice in Wonderland" for picture reference. I specially like the dress mess in the sleeves. Attention to that when picking fabrics. Of course first and most affordable option is look into your attic or grandmother´s wardrobe for an old lace vintage  wedding or communion dress as base to customize. The final result is very much close to the Wizard of Oz Glinda, very doll and fae.

In this Costumzee site  you can find some  fast tips and tricks to make your costume

In Cosplayying store you can find a rather decent and affordable replica like this one that include several of the accessories that make it similar to the one found in the movie.

tim burton white queen dress

Most of the identity of the White Queen comes due to the hair and make up so well pay attention to this as pivotal point even over the dress self.. you want to be recognized... so in this case, that's quite easy.

To add the rest of the magic first you need white hair... and we mean "white blonde"  very very light and just with a tiny spark of color, if not clear enough, opt for a white wig... so don't think of bleaching as enough... easier, safer for your hair and cheaper is to opt for  a cosplay wig. You can find some suitable ones in the ebay store  qqcosplaystudio design.

Also in some random ebay search I also found some items of wigs already custom styled to match the white queen like this one from the store Wildcat wigs. This one in particular seems of really nice quality  and natural looking specially looking at close ups of the scalp. Maybe you could add a bit of blonde color to the tips to make it look not so plain white. Maybe lacking a bit of locks but that´s really easy to fix. Unfortunately this store won't be operating this October, and will return next November.

  white wig white queen burton alice  

In a hurry? My recommendation is just to  look for white wigs  in general, it  is not a difficult hairdo to arrange from a generic suitable one or even some trying to resemble the white queen (with more or less success depending honestly on the budget) But you can find suitable examples like the one below.

 white queen wig

Above: white queen wig


Then we go on with the make up!

The make up is very pale not entirely white but very close to ivory. You can use professional theatrical make up like Kryolan (previously featured) to naturally blend into a paler tone  almost alabaster of flesh. Do not forget your neck, hairline, chest and hands, and pay attention to every part of your skin exposed

The eyebrows dark, arched and thick (you can use a dark brown pencil) bringing great part of the attention to the eyes highlighted by purple and pink eyeshadow (I recommend MAC because they last and the colors are vibrant) yet keep it "romantic" looking,  the lips a really dark (not black but burgundy) red and quite striking with the pastel doll overall look

Here you can see a couple of videos with tips and trips for the make up to look close to the White Queen... though as always my advice  is to take the picture reference from the movie and try to copy it yourself with the materials you already have at hand.

Add some fake eyelashes, paint your nails dark, we´re almost done...!

or this other (this one needs darker shade of lipstick though)

Add a pearl choker and you're almost done :)! Adding some pearls also to your dress will make it more fitting and royal!

 fake pearls choker necklace 

Some other possibilities...

The twilight parlour (AZAC) i! they have a pretty white dress that is named after the character and though it is not a replica of the movie, it could work really nice to portray the character your own way.



Adding some details on your own not necessarily in the movie... I'd go for some white lace fingerless gloves to go alone or a white translucent veil or scarf (in case it's a bit too cold and need to cover)


You can find some gloves  in white destiny design gloves store. Also in Mary and Angelica store and have a look to previously featured gloves stores like Zen and Coffee

Remember... be delicate, elegant and dainty,  and pretend to be  so "good" just a bit  too much in your manners  to have a  suspicious spice of  Burton´s dark! . Incorporating that mannerism will greatly enhance your costume


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