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Ronafly Creations: fairy jewellery inspired by the seasons

My witchery: amazing fantasy and pagan headpieces and horns

Enchanted Lote Tree: Mystical crystal jewellery

Mermaid Sanctuary Designs: Unique handmade mermaid and fairy accessories

Verdantly Adorned: regal headpieces for the Seasons

The medieval mouse: fairy treasures and accessories

Lotus Traders Clothing: Pirate, Renaissance and boho chemises and dresses

MadHouse FX Studio: high quality latex elf ears and other fx prosthetics

Crystal Kitty Cat Faire Treasures: Renaissance skirts and capelets

Art by Aelia: gorgeous Dragon necklace drapers and other animal totems

Midsummer´s Night Masquerade : mushroom pendants and other pixie things

HolyClothing: Renaissance, Boho, Romantic, Gypsy and Pixie faerie wear!

Accentuate Clothing: Celebrating International Women´s day in YFC

Rawrags: one of a kind dreamy fairytale gowns

Spirit Fox Crystals: Amulets for Druids

Sinu: Handmade macrame jewellery with a pagan twist

Hysteria Machine ghostly headdresses and props

Giles Newman: fantasy carved in wood

Leafling bags: add some fairy-leafy-pixie accessories to your daily wear

Vincent Cantillon Masks: Prepare yourself for a Goblin Masquerade

Midnight Nymphs: Jewellery for an elven princess

Strange Little Jewelry: ethereal and tribal elf ear cuffs

Lily Blue Goschen... high couture fantasy made dream gowns

Forever soles: jewellery for fairy feet!

FQcouture (Faerie Queen Couture): unicorn circlets, venetian masks and more

The Crooked Feather: You only need wings to fly!

Hedges8: Historical and fantasy garments... fancy an Austen-inspired tea party?

Grim sweetness: Vintage bottles and upcycled fairy/steampunk clothing

Blacksnake Workshop: Magic worlds creations from Steampunk to Goth!

Under the Ivy... delicate treasures for fairy queens! Wings, garlands and accessories

CLAMPCLAMP: Shoes for fairies and mermaids

Atlantis fae: every Goddess deserves a crown

Kissed by Pixies: horns, garlands, feather eyelashes and other fantasy accessories

Ghoulia´s peculiars: the most enchanting custom made wigs and headdresses to become a siren

Gipsy Dharma: footwear for elves, fairies and other fantastic adventurers

La tienda del dragon dorado: Stunning handmade wood-carved magic wands

Deidre dreams: Crowning fairies with all colors of the rainbow

BlackPin: Steampunk and Victorian Hatter

Fairy wings for your dolls and also for you! :)

Folkowl: Gorgeous Hand felted faerie and pixie wear

Barefoot sandals for free-spirited dancing fairy feet


Little bottle magic pendants by 13th Psyche

The Pixie Collective

Whimsy everlasting Fairy wings....

Gobbolino: For the emo, punk and urban cyber fairy

Fantasy fairy jewelry by Kelly Martinez

Imp & Pixie: lovely and warm fae and pixie coats

Mythical masks

Falconrose: leather mask of the Renaissance and the Faery