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Imp & Pixie: lovely and warm fae and pixie coats


Above: one of my favourite Imp and Pixie coat with asymetrical front Weather is getting colder and you may be looking for a pretty coat to feel warmer and comfortable. Imp and Pixie features a little but lovely collection of coats inspired in the forest magical creatures. They're very wearable and would do also with any jeans for your urban daily life.

I always say... why people does dress always in such standard way and pay a lot of money for  boring design that is no risky or special at all? That is when I come to find all these lovely al small manufacturers that come out with a comfortably but still eye catchy coat (suitable both for man and woman), not only to dress yourself as a pixie but also be comfortable when doing it if it's an outdoors event.  I always think that in fantasy fairs most girls cover themselves only  with ivy, glitter  and fairy wings but forget about the risk to get a pneumonia LOL. If you cover yourself of course do it with something fitting and also useful for your daily "fae" wear.

fairy wings

Above: fairy wings can be taken out of the jacket... Isn't that JUST ABSOLUTELY cool?

They´re made to order (in different color and lining) taking an average of a couple of weeks, though I read from the manufacturer soon they'll have ready to buy articles. All quilting design is freestyle and will vary for each piece making each jacket unique. As winter is just around the bend you'd do better having a look it Imp & Pixie. Have a look to our previous articles about urban faerie wear  and shoes like pixie pixie, senjo clothing and others. They match just so perfectly.



#1 I saw these on Etsy a little

Tangle's picture

I saw these on Etsy a little while ago and am very tempted! I love the design with the openings for wings :)

#2 The artist is AMAZING. I

Awry's picture

The artist is AMAZING. I adore her. Everyone should go buy one.

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