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Midsummer´s Night Masquerade : mushroom pendants and other pixie things

HolyClothing: Renaissance, Boho, Romantic, Gypsy and Pixie faerie wear!

Rawrags: one of a kind dreamy fairytale gowns

Zollection: tribal pixie wear

Lily Blue Goschen... high couture fantasy made dream gowns

Forever soles: jewellery for fairy feet!

Artistic Rite: mermaid, fairies and elemental headpieces

Grim sweetness: Vintage bottles and upcycled fairy/steampunk clothing

Nebula X: floral headpieces for all seasons

Freckles Fairy Chest teach you how to make fairy wings: DIY tutorial

ELFIC WEAR: Unique clothing and props for fairies, pirates, elves and steampunk lovers

Atlantis fae: every Goddess deserves a crown

Ghoulia´s peculiars: the most enchanting custom made wigs and headdresses to become a siren

Old dolls still play: The fantasy make-up channel of Maria Grazia

Deidre dreams: Crowning fairies with all colors of the rainbow

Folkowl: Gorgeous Hand felted faerie and pixie wear


Freckles Fairy Chest: treasures for the fairy, the princess, the sorceress

Little bottle magic pendants by 13th Psyche

Sihaya Designs Fairy Jewelry

Kiki kiss: Traditional chinese kimonos oriental fantasy

Sandala Moon: cute and lovely fairy pouches and bracelets

The Pixie Collective

Enchanted Leaves: fairy necklaces by Nedda Shishegar

Lillies of the Valley: lovely fairy renaissance chemises and more

Woodland wild :Lovely Elflocks Dread Falls and other fairy fancies...!

Black Lotus clothing: Tribal bellydance unique hand-sewn costumes

One week for the 2012 Faery Fayre and Faery Ball in UK

Ideas for a SNOW QUEEN or a WINTER fairy dress this Yule season!

Whimsy everlasting Fairy wings....

Tatoo socks: so clever and sexy idea. Show your legs next Halloween!

Countdown for Avalon Faery weekend in UK: Show your Fairy outfits and have fun!

Steampunk couture: Handcrafted neo-victorian, sci-fi and Shabby Chic Fashion

YIDNETH fairy and fantasy chokers and necklaces with original paintings

Reverie of Solace: delicate fairy fantasy couture

Plumevine: Enchanted Jewelry for fairies and AURYN to grant your wishes

Sublime Style: Romantic, Burlesque, Sublime!

Katwise: Amazing fantasy colorful recycled pixie-fairy tribal coats

Bags of Avalon: Fairy bags for daily wear

Seidiclothing: Unique handmade clothes for elves and trolls

Timjam Design: Beautiful fairy dryad and tribal goddess garments

Emerald Forest Enchanted Designs wearable fairy and bridal fashion

Susan Tooker´s Spinning castle: awesome fairy headpieces, wands, and much more!

Treasure elven tiara crown

Los tesoros de la Ayalga: floral crowns and tiaras for fairy queens

One of a kind handmade Fairy Wings by Renae Taylor

TPF faerie wear: Clothing and accessories for modern faeries

woodland fairy skirt

Ancient Grove: Fairy wear for Dryads as delicate as atumn leaves!

the art of the mask banner

The Art of the mask

Learning to sew yourself yes, yes!!! make your own fantasy costume! Plan fantasy parties!

Fantasy fairy jewelry by Kelly Martinez