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Whimsy everlasting Fairy wings....

"One of a kind glittering, rustling, realistic wings"   Whimsy Everlasting  wings offer unique handcrafted designs pretty both to hang on the wall and also to enchant the audience at a fantasy ball or fairy event. Made by crafter Cassandra based in USA who has been making wings for over 5 years now. They are sturdy enough for gentle dress up or a day at fair. These wings rustle, move with you and will grab attention! That's what the seller claim and if you don't believe the quote look at the picture just right below!

Above: absolutely stunning fairy wings with a lovely "stained glass" effect

They also have some clear insect-like ones that would feet specially for  wedding dresses and more ethereal garments.

You can also interact with the crafter at the official facebook page.



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