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Sublime Style: Romantic, Burlesque, Sublime!


I met personally fellow writer and  illustrator Muriel Dal Bo at a festival, this green eyed sparkling beauty, with mischiveous yet cute expression appeared in a lovely imperial-cut gown so gorgeous that you couldn't help to stare at the dress. She told me she had made it herself, and I knew her works as illustrators but wondered then, oh my god, this woman should launch a line of clothing. Shortly after this became a reality and Sublime Style was born in 2009 with a first collection of romantic, fairy, and princess gowns... A touch of undeniable romanticism and dark vintage that will delight the dark souls but also those longing ladies that were meant to wear the elegant garments of previous centuries.  Later on they went on a "Burlesque" line

Costumes are made for real women, trying to enhance the curves of the woman figure. Inspired by Art Noveau, Prerraphaelite, Boticelli... sublime style brings back the concept of classical beauty.

Above: "Mignon Rose" Romantic dress with ballerina skirt

I'm an avid reader of Jane Austen´s Novels, so can you imagine attending to a ball with this lovely regency  ivory lace gown? This one is just sooo perfect.

Muriel fuses genres and shows versatile examples of historical, victorian, burlesque, circus, even fantasy, Steampunk  and medieval attires. For fair princesses  or fallen angels, light or shades, but never decadent.

And not only costumes but also lovely accessories like gloves. I happen to have a pair of white ones myself and I cannot highlight enough how in love I am with them (will share a picture with them on very soon) but meanwhile you can see a picture of them, they belong to the "ethereal gothic complements collection and they're as ghostly as these:

Above: "Ethereal pure" white lace gloves, the ethereal collection is also very suitable for bridal fashion.

There are also coquette bags and chokers. Delicious like the following examples

Gothic burlesque Bag and Choker


Pieces have  limited stock and  are hand-made. We´re not dealing with cheap massive production but exquisite and dedicated crafting the high quality fabric, trims and beads.


And you just have to have  a look to the official website

If you want to see also some independent and custom designs you can visit the gallery  and  network with the designer at the official Sublime Style facebook page.

Also feel free to contact Muriel herself at and require info about catallog, stock  and prices.

because it's... it's... SUBLIME!

We predict a wonderful future for the  clothing line, it has grown enormously in such a short time. Highly recommended.


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