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Sihaya Designs Fairy Jewelry


Sihaya Designs is an artisan jewelry company featuring the work of Christina Allen Page. Inspired by nature and faery, known for color and whimsy, wearable art, handcrafted from gemstones, wire, resin, botanical elements, and recycled fine silver.

Her work is  best known for its magical labradorite jewelry, as well as my Faery Wing line.  They are lightweight, waterproof, super iridescent, and sparkly. They come in brass, copper, and sterling silver, in earrings and necklaces, as well as the occasional bat wing. Custom wings are available. They often run promotions and fidelity prizes for good customers,details about these discounts and give aways are posted regularly at Sihaya Design official blog at:


Featuring organic shapes, leaves, spirals and colourful gemstones Sihaya´s design has rendered a collection of one of a kind peaces  that will delight Fairies, Dryads and Mermaids. Vibrant and unique but also delicate and ethereal like these lovely  iridescent faerie wings pendants, that are among my favorite items in the store :)


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