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Plumevine: Enchanted Jewelry for fairies and AURYN to grant your wishes

Plumevine is a collection of enchanted Jewelry pieces designed by  Norwegian artist and crafter Lorianne Jänttim pieces designed with the most delicate intricacy as a worshio offering to magical creatures. Definitely magical. All the pieces are made by hand from resin clay which is sculpted meticulously and embellished with a wide variety of finds of mostly vintage origin. The process of painting is also multi-layered in order to achieve the most perfect finished result and meant for durability. Little treasures inspired by nature and the tangle of tree brances... certainly items to treasure. There are so many pieces (earrings, rings necklaces that you will crave and fall in love with...)

She has also an etsy store to see some "ready to go" listings

But also for collectors, one of the highlights of the collection and gallery are the different approaches the artist have made to replicate the Auryn, not only similar version than the one appearing in the movie but also her own interpretations of the very famous necklace described in Michael Ende´s "the Neverending Story". But remember that  if you're a human and you try to grant too many wishes with it, you might forget about

It looks like a pretty popular item from her store but if not available you can also contact her if interested in a  have one for your own... :) sooo cool!

You can also network with crafter at:

-Plumevine at Facebook
-Plumevine at Twitter


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