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Woodland wild :Lovely Elflocks Dread Falls and other fairy fancies...!

Above: Dryad Elflocks with Antique Rose Headdress


Woodland Wild is the new clothing/accessories line created by my friend Bryony Whistlecraft (picture above). Isn't she gorgeous! Among all my friends I can tell you she has always been one with the most elegant sense for faery fashion and now she's started to sell some of her handmade things creating Woodland Wild (lucky we!)

The highlight of her recently launched store are the "Elflocks" which are lightweight  100% wool hair extensions (also known as falls or dread falls) that tie into your hair to quickly and easily transform your appearance. Ideally you have to have yoru hair long enough to be able to put your hair up into two buns to wear it but if having shorter hair they offer some clips to fix this..Woodland Wild sells Elflocks in five beautiful shades suitable for faeries, dryads, mermaids, pixies and sprites each blending a lovely combination of hues. My favorite pick so far is the Dryad variation, shown in the picture above, because it looks so natural and earthly (sigh! -me wants!). It is stated that new colours are coming... oh I'd be craving for a snowy/grey/white/cream wintery combination (as I´m a light blonde!). And I guess they will be open for commissions very soon. They are perfect for costumes, special events and every day wear. We also sell lovely Art Nouveau inspired headdresses (like the rose headdress shown in the upper picture), pixie hoods, acorn bags (absolutely in love), jewellery and other treasures. Everything is handmade with love in our home studio, based in the beautiful Yorkshire Pennines.



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And remember Bryony also have a blog about all things fantasy and fairy that is absolutely amazing in which you'll find also lots of recommendations for fantasy garments called FAE NATION and that definitely worth a look


 Woodland Wild stall at the Avalon Faery Fayre in Spring 2012 where it premiered and showed their pretty things for the first time.


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