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Atlantis fae: every Goddess deserves a crown

Above: Autumn oak-leaf fairy crown and third-eye jewellery made by Atlantic Fae

Atlantis Fae  is a store based in UK  and also the nickname of the fairy and fantasy lover crafter, performer and alternative model  that runs it. Her motto is simple: Every woman is a Goddess and every Goddess deserve a crown
Besides the crowns and headpieces listed she can also make custom-made pieces at your request and there are a few examples of her work in the website as well.

 The store which features a lovely collection of fairy crowns, headpieces, tiaras, jewellery, hair clip in strands and fascinators. If you feel like a fairy, a goddess, or an "elemental"  you will find all the accessories you need as final touch to complete your fae garments and be the fairy princess of the ball.   The collection has a marked "seasons/elements" inspiration  and you will find wintry white headpieces (also suitable as bridal crowns) and also some shells and accessories specifically fitting for mermaid cosplays. I particularly loved the clip ins, easy and really lovely combination of colors to make it look like seaweed flowing down your hair (picture below)


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