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Black Lotus clothing: Tribal bellydance unique hand-sewn costumes


The Black Lotus  is an american clothing line is a collection of unique, hand-sewn bellydance and tribal pieces founded and designed by Christina Molcillo, who with a background of skills in other artistic fields as fashion design and illustrations felt attracted to make tribal bellydance/faery wear mesmerizing, sexy, functional and exciting to the eye!  but also wearable, durable and comfortable,  made to  emphasize the beauty of woman shape wether they are or not performer bellydancing. After experimenting and dream weaving The Black lotus clothing design was born. You will see easily the level of thorough detail and devotion for her work in each piece.  Designs are painstakingly silk-screened onto individual parts, details like beads and feathers are carefully placed , and every garment is an original creation.


The end result is a costume that serves a purpose as well as tells a story. Christina’s vision is to transform the dancer into a storyteller, that the clothes and the dance combined lure the viewer into the performance, the perfect melding of artist and audience.  emphasize the beauty of your performance, whether you are a beginner or a professional. If you can’t find what you're looking for, crafter encourages contact  so you can  order If you have any questions about our clothing, please contact  the designer herself at:


They also have an etsy store, click at the picture below to go and see the listings they have there already on sale :)



Black Lotus clothing in etsy


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