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The Pixie Collective

The Pixie Collective features a lovely collection of comfortable tribal pixie/fairy daily wear :) (both for girls and boys) from different designers and and crafters which combined effort render this lovely catalogue of  items. Clothing and even accessories! The Physical store is located in Australia but they have an pixie collective online website as well. This is one you must check if you like me, like to wear a bit  fairy on a regular basis, and also there are quite a wealth of items with a psychodelic/hippie flair for all seasons (coats, hoodies but also light wear). Also lots of items allow layering for tribal bellydancers :).  The company provides retail space for different artists who work to create beautiful, unique, handmade, indeed it looks like an effort to combine a lot of lovely items (some from crafters previously featured in your fantasy costume) all together for the lovers of this time of garments :) and If I were close it looks like a funny place to get lost into :)

Above: pointy pixie skirt in black and browns :) luv it. Just one of the hundreds of items you'll find in the store :)



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