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Jungle Gypsy  fashion is the result of the combined talent of designers Francine Lunar and Julie Montesano, compromised to imagine garments as pieces of art full of light and creativity. Inspiring, unique, vibrant and showcasing the "spice" and charm of people who has travelled all over the world nourishing from rich and different sources and cultures. Most of the fabrics are even dyed by themselves rendering each piece one of a kind. Indeed the result of love and dedication and a must visit for tribal, dancers, free spirits and even urban fairies as super catchy and cool daily pixie wear, so you can become the Goddess ANY time, ANY moment. Earth and nature tones, feminine lines, organic looking amazing collection. Not only tops, skirts and dresses but also accessories and headpieces.

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I'm absolutely in love with their high waist corsetsy in ivory and brown, combining different laces, trimmings and ornaments. So stunning


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