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Kiki kiss: Traditional chinese kimonos oriental fantasy

When I was little I really liked a movie called "A Chinese ghost story". It was a blend of fantasy and romance and since then I felt attracted by the vibrant aesthetics of Chinese folklore. "Kiki kiss" is a store that features historic-based and also fantasy inspired Chinese kimonos and  For Oriental fairy  or ghosts and magical creatures or simply for cosplay lovers (in fact they have some listings of gothic lolita and cosplay garments too though I'd say the highlight are the traditionally inspired clothes). They're simply stunning :) and so vibrant, ethnic and exotic. They also have some sets of hair ornaments as perfect complement for your traditional Chinese look.  I'm a blonde but It makes me me wish to have long raven hair just to wear one of those :)

Below one of my favorite items in the store, simply lovely :) for a winter fairy


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