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Enchanted Leaves: fairy necklaces by Nedda Shishegar

Nedda is a fantasy fairy illustrator (that I had the pleasure to meet personally past faerieworlds 2008). Since then aside of her own artworks she´s been a busy crafter and  has also  been selling some lovely hand made pendants, including some lovely fae necklaces in her store Enchanted leaves.

Among my favorite pieces, those featuring leaves. I do love the following :). They are made out of real leaves  electroplated to be preserved they  look  so fairy! Also since they are made out of real leaves there are unique and one of a kind and never two the same.


As I'm often obsessed with moths, they have also some lovely wooden moth and butterfly pendants :), very fairy. I like the moths in particular. One of my favorites.

Above: Oak Hawk Moth (Marumba quercus) necklace. The pendant is laser cut from wood, and it features a vintage illustration and  has been varnished and sealed.


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