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Old dolls still play: The fantasy make-up channel of Maria Grazia

Above: Tropical sea creature make-up by Old dolls still play (tutorial in her youtube channel as many others)

So Halloween appraoches, right? In need of some ideas? 

It's not all about the costume, sometimes make-up can make the difference, also for stage performers like me, this is quite inspiring.

Old dolls still play run by make-up italian artist Maria Grazia is one of my recent discoveries and an amazing source of inspiration. 

Her skills are AMAZING and she offers tutorials and/or clear glimpses of how to make the make-up yourself. Some of the examples are INSANELY elaborated and offer a striking and total transformation of the subject. Ranging all genres from old silent movie stars to horror/zombie, character from famous movies (like those inspired in Avatar or Tim Burton's Bettlejuice) to fantasy/fairy creatures,  but always adding her unique artistry and interpretation of the theme, also using props, stencils and others things and providing tips of how to do them yourself.

Here one example of her videos, but be sure to check the others she have, some are amazing, you judge yourself:

You can network with Maria also in facebook at 

And of course you won't regret to subscribe to her fantasy make up channel but she uploads on a regular basis and each make up is is even more complex and thrilling than the one before. In fact she has TWO channels and not only one that are the following:

and secondary channel

She is a very busy girl and feeds the channels very often, I am sure you'll be soon enjoying her updates as much as I do plus  she works hard in the intros and to make the right mood in their tutorials. 

You can network liking her facebook page at

You can also find her in her blog at:

Below: Lost Alien make up by Old dolls still play


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