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The Art of the mask

Green Man Masks

Above: selection of examples of "Green Men" masks

The Art of the Mask  is a shop in etsy that features some of the most awesome fae inspired masks I've seen. Surreal and some of them with a spice of dark. They are made of   paper mache and made to be worn (though many will have a hoop ring so you can attach them also to the wall). The crafter uses  imported 100% wool paper that makes the mask durable yet lightweight and also makes all of the embellishments (leaves, flowers, etc.) with either wool or parchment papers. Things like berries, rose hips, and acorns are made with paper clay. They are delicate and stunning one of a kind items and though no two masks are exactly alike, she  can produce multiples of any thing you see here ... or make a mask to suit your fancy as custom work.

the art of the mask banner

Aside of fae inspired you'll find also Jesters, Winged diabolos, and even some greek and Greco Roman  deities like Hypnos, Nix, Bacchus, Somnus among others.

 Goddess Nyx
Above: full face mask "Goddess Nyx" Goddess of Darkness and mother of Somnus and Thanatos.

Eerie, isn't it... I wonder if I could commission a mask inspired in my nightmare monster... sigh! well, one day!

Also if you happen to be close to Seattle where the artisan is based you can get done a portrait mask casted directly out of your face as full face masks are not sure to fit yours, though they will look wonderful on the wall, better if you can wear them.

I totally loved the green man and autumn and winter masks, so fae, both for male and female, the couples are really so amazing for a shot. The leaves are all hand cut and painted before being applied to the mask, after tracing real collected leaves what make them look so natural.

These ones are just amazing (craving sigh!)

winter fae mask
Above: Winter fae mask

autumn fae mask
Above: Autumn Mask

Oh definitely would loooooooooove either of these two... or them both!!

If you still are interested in masks please read our previous articles in your fantasy costume about them like the following so you can refresh your memory with other options with this kind of fae masks and get even more ideas!


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