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Fairy wings for your dolls and also for you! :)

Charlotte is a wing-maker, she makes really lovely fairy wings that you can see at her etsy store "Fairy wings and  fantasy things". The wings are made  out of fusible film from doll-size (which seems to be her passion as she is also a doll-maker) to  children or large adult wearable ones. I particularly liked her "sprite model" pictured at the beginning of this article. She tends to combine colours in gradient which I particularly like, with some iridescent and ragged looking elements. Some models even wear gears (close to steampunk) or flower embellishments.  Each pair of wings is unique and one of a kind and custom made so there are never two that are exactly the same. Thus you must allow the crafter for two weeks if you have a special commission or order though she keeps in stock some "ready to go" gorgeous examples.

Official site is


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