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The Crooked Feather: You only need wings to fly!

Or these might be among the most gorgeous angel wings I've seen lately. Oh how much I´d love to have one for performing in a concert or for a  music video.  Based in Texas,  The Crooked Feather has some of the models are HUUUUGE and gorgeous. The store feature a collection of wings in a variety of sizes and colours, and exquisitely crafted, indeed they look durable and comfortable and the result of an infinite patience. The dream of a professional photographer for a photoshoot, or to cosplay winged characters like Maleficent or anime.  From white "angelic" to raven black to Davinci or leather and gears Steampunk variations, if you wan to take flight, consider a look to this lovely store.

Above: Feather wings by the Crooked feather. Below my own illustration for the song "Facing the Dream", sigh you are having the same idea than I, righ? (sighs again)

All the wings, and accessories are hand made with love and attention to detail. Each piece is an individual work of art. The store also accept orders and commissions. Take into account that as the products are made to order they need some time to be prepared and they encourage contact so you can be

Below: Gorgeous Da Vinci styled wings with a Steampunk vibe

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