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The medieval mouse: fairy treasures and accessories

The Medieval mouse is a store run by crafter Meghan Pell based in New Jersey  (United States)

 I met Meghan, the owner, when I travelled overseast to perform at Faeriecon East Fantasy convention. We stumbled upon each other and somehow  ended up talking  about our shared love for rodents ;-) and all things magical... so she told me she was a crafter and loved to do fantasy things, :) and thus I checked her lovely  etsy store. First I may say I LOVE THE LOGO, so much... it makes me thing of tiny elvish mice crafting magical things picking moss, branches and little pebbles from the forests and building things organic and magical, and indeed the products at the store are shipped with such extremely beautiful packaging in super cute boxes with her golden embossed logo, :) that they are worth even for the packaging alone.  The catalogue is not huge but renews regularly with "fairy" treasures handmade by Meghan, daydreamer, creator and seeker. Check her facebook for her past work just in case you want to commission similar pieces to the ones sold that might be not listed.

In her words
"It's my dream to be able to help like-minded people make every day a little more magicka"l <3

Elements necklace in interchangeable "elements" glass vials. How cute

One of my favourites, a choker with quartz

Somehow raw and magical looking :), something a Gelfling like me would wear :)

Below "Fairy earrings"  also available in copper and green :)


-The medieval mouse ETSY STORE

-The medieval mouse INSTAGRAM

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