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Mermaid Sanctuary Designs: Unique handmade mermaid and fairy accessories

Based in Conneticut, United States, Mermaid Sanctuary Designs is a store  specialised in one of a kind fantasy headpieces and accessories. From Fairies to Unicorns, they are colourful, sparkly and with obvious love for details. Run by Judy Bielik, who self taught to make them as a result for her love of all things fantasy designing and creating high quality, beautiful, headpieces and accessories.


There is a very "elemental" quality in the items, water, mermaids, forestdwellers, many accessories have that key "element" shining through, in the choice of materials, motifs and colour palette. :) Sometimes even combining them, see for example this glorious fairy/nymph/mermaid (air, water and earth combined), the entire outfit/accessories made by mermaid sanctuary themselves. 

The designer sometimes collaborates with other artists, rendering pieces even more unique, and also welcome contact for custom orders and commissions. To see a gallery of "clients" and examples of past works you can check their network on instagram and facebook (links at the end of the article)

The store features a  collection of unique headpieces and garlands as well as some fae-inspired accessories like hair barrettes, pearl hair strands, butterfly hairpins  (and sometimes even styling wigs and hair extensions) :) I personally, like to add some "fairy" details to my daily wear, so some of the subtle accessories are really cute to go for.

Below: Winged Seahorsehair clip

Above: handmade garland with blue crystals, perfect for Undines and water nymphs

Mermaid Sanctuary Designs Network

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