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BlackPin: Steampunk and Victorian Hatter

Black Pin is a lovely millinery store based in Scotlan run by Terri Tovill and featuring victorian, gothic, steampunk and Burlesque top hats. But also 18th century  tricorns, headpieces and fascinators.  Do you remember our special article about Marie Antoinnete's rococo fashion? Well this is a lovely addition to it. Different styles of victorian, from top hats for a Mad Hatter, to riding and mourning hats and even mini-top hats in burlesque fashion, and all are handmade  with vibrant velvets, organza, silks, leather, and lush vibrant materials and of course to measure. Some are delicate and others more rough looking, a recall of another era of aristocratic elegance with a spice of sensuous decadence. There are models of course for girls and men too.

The brown models are so lovely for Steampunk lovers. Like the one shown here

They have an etsy store and also an official one at

Below lovely angelic Bridal top hat with Ostrich feathers



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