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Under the Ivy... delicate treasures for fairy queens! Wings, garlands and accessories


Under the Ivy is a store that specializes in faerie inspired products, from wings to accessories, all handmade and exuding an out of this world delicacy. You can find the store in etsy . The crafter Helen  , based in United Kingdom is a textile and surface designer with a love for faerie folk and all things magical with a gift for creating things ethereal, iridescent and delicate. I particularly love the necklaces and jewellery featuring pale wings. They are so elegant and unique!  I loved for example this one , wings are not real but made of "plactic, magic and glitter" as she states in the description, so even better knowing no animal parts were used in the making of process. The earrings, rings, hair ornaments and other accessories featuring delicate transparent insect wings are otherwordly and amazing... that´s all I can say while I crave  for them... so better judge by the pictures :)


And look at this  ring... isn't it just magical?



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