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Falconrose: leather mask of the Renaissance and the Faery

Falconrose is a delightful collection of leather hand crafted masks, the site and the style of the masks themselves reminds us of ancient times and mediaeval tapestries...  The site is not only worth because of the wonderful masks they make, but also becuase of the throrough description of the creatures that makes it interesting enough even if just only for reading about the myths and legends that inspired them.

The Otherworld collection, featuring the Mythical creatures (unicorns, fauns and dragons) and Gods and Goddesses collection (some of which have references to greek, mediaeval and even The Woods collection (feature feathered, furred and  the Green beings collection). Here we can find wolves, raven and corvids, some stunning owl masks  and all sort of dryad and green man masks, some of which are really amazing.

(up: Raven mask from "The Woods" collection) The Court,

it divides as well in two mini collections, The Unseelie court  featuring a darker side  of magical creatures not friendly for human eings like  goblins, the wood witch, or an absolutely gorgeous Medusa mask (see below), and other more faeric called The Seelie court featuring some beautiful butterfly inspired design as well.

(above: Medusa mask from the Court Unseelie collection)



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