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Gipsy Dharma: footwear for elves, fairies and other fantastic adventurers

Gipsy Dharma is a store based in UK  that specializes in hand-made light, flexible leather boots with a design that perfectly fits  for dancers fairies, gipsies and space travellers. Hand-made They claim to be as comfortable as going barefoot. Made in natural colors like some lovely tanned browns but also mossy greens (for forest fairies) and even angelic white (maybe my favorites) and in all styles (high knee or ankle) possible with incredibly flexible soles they are perfect for outdoors walking but still with style, perfect for elves and forest dwellers too. They also make leather belts/skirts

Detail of  high-kneww model in white.

Official site:

You can also network  with them in facebook (where they sometime encourage their followers with give-aways) at:

And as a video and moving images sometimes are better than a picture here's a little showreel of their catalogue. 


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