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Floripondios: amazing fairy leather art! Leaves and flower for fairies and elves

YIDNETH fairy and fantasy chokers and necklaces with original paintings

Plumevine: Enchanted Jewelry for fairies and AURYN to grant your wishes

Asgaard: handcrafted leather items for Norse Gods

Bags of Avalon: Fairy bags for daily wear

Aurora Bazar: loveliest victorian and gothic chokers

TribalStyle eco-friendly Jewellry earrings, hoops, fake gauges and pendants

Fowl Play Designs: wearable art with feathers by Lisa Sandow

Alchemy Gothic and Alchemy Empire: Gothic and Steampunk Accessories

sweeney todd costume replica

Evening Arwen custom costumes and corsets. Sweenie Todd, Alice, Pirates and more...!

elizabethan standing ruff

Everything about elizabethan standing ruffs... how to make them, how to find them!

Tooled Tassel Sporran

Mojo leather: fine handmade leather renaissance accessories

Burlesquers: a touch of "gore" with class for Halloween!

circus victorian gloves

Zen and coffee: fantasy armwarmers and fingerless gloves

leather leaf  bag

EBG LEATHER : Awesome bags, armor and fantasy leather accessories!

leather claw gauntlets

METAPHOR: unusual accessories with a spark of darkness!

woodland fairy skirt

Ancient Grove: Fairy wear for Dryads as delicate as atumn leaves!

ear cuff

Thyme2dream, Pen Circlets and El Costurero Real: Faerie and Elven circlets

Steampunk robot artifact ring

Catherinette Rings: STEAMPUNK JEWELRY by Daniel Proulx

Steampunk masks

Tom Banwell outstanding STEAMPUNK MASKS

Jell Dragon: For an accurate historical viking and nordic costume

Gobbolino: For the emo, punk and urban cyber fairy

Vaisto: Comfortable tribal faery wear from Finland

LRP STORE : Costumes, props and weapons for role players

Leafy creations: dryad-like urban faery wear and other items inspired by forest leaves

Gypsy witch design: Wickedly lovely top hats for victorian ladies

Peter stone design: celtic, fairy, wicca pendant collection

Ravenswood: amazing leather pirate coats

Moresca: Fairy tale and Ren clothing

Vampire fangs and Monster bites... Realistic fake teeth

Jen Parrish Relics: crowns for the queen

Mythical masks

Fairysteps: goblin feet on the road

Skyridgedesigns historical clothing

Inner fae creations: Faerie jewelry

Elf yourself this christmas but with a real costume

Alienskin : casual wear for the magic creatures

The Changelling closet: Fashion accessories for the Fairy people!

Kambriel: vampire and victorian decadent romance

Organic Armor: warrior soul

Isis Wings for The Goddess

Feather fans: a noble touch for the Masquerade