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Create a pendant: Jewelry kits and tutorials by Matthew Nix

Create a pendant is a site that features the wire wrapped jewelry and mixed media pendants by crafter Matthew Nix. Many wire wrap jewelry designs to chose from. Wire wrap jewelry is my passion. He works with several mediums combining them to create unique looking pendants. 

He also makes handmade glass cabochons painted eyes, ideal for scifi and steampunk jewelry. I particularly got hooked by this picture from his dragon eyes in  etsy store "Nix creations" where you can find some of his catallogue already for sale. Eyes cabochons can be made from 10mm up to 24mm diameter. You can use them for your own creations or see them featured in pendants created by himself.



Above: example of glass handpainted glass dragon fantasy. Below "Sauron eyes" for LOTR fans (cool huh?)

He also has lots of unique looking steampunk pendants and accessories like this one :)

Every pendant comes with a free adjustable necklace.

For those more inclined to nature and fairy inspiration, he has some awesome "tree of live" wire pendants, but the most awesome thing is that he offers you also guidelines of how to make one on your own in his official website.

Above: Tree of life pendant
He offers tutorial dvds, for example to make pendants similar to his "tree of life"  model (which are stunning for fairy lovers), the dvd is 40 minutes long and teach you how to make this wonderful faery pendants :) and also have gauge wire on sale as supply and kits for making your own at a very affordable price :) Hmm feel tempted about this one :)
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