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All the forest in your hands... Kentrkatty hand-painted bracelets

Based in Russia, Ekaterina aka Kentrkatty is an, artist illustrator and crafter of handpainted accessories. She is interested in paganism and fantasy and her art and pieces are usually inspired in Nature, which is one of her biggest influences. She runs a little store on instagram where she sells her original paintings, but also wearable art like her signature wooden hand-painted bracelets. Each one is unique and one of a kind, and in different combinations of vibrant colours. So if you want to fae-accessorize yourself you can check her shop where she constantly list new items (busy bee lady). They are truly the result of delicate and patient work. And you will find different patterns and motifs from forest greens to starry nebulae, covering all four elements and seasons.

Instagram kentrkatty shop:

Instagram Kentrkatty (persona)  for fine  nature-photography





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