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SPIRIT Elf ears headphones: transform yourself into an elf while you listen to music!

SPIRIT headphones slogan is "roam in Wonderland with ears". "Every girl has a fairy dream" (yay what about boys?!)  The name of the product is They are a 2016 brand new new design from a this chinese company that somehow have just become viral. And it's justified! How clever and magical!! Someone shared this on my facebook page early this month and I was thrilled! I want a pair!!!  I am a composer of fantasy music too, and a great fan of the genre, this is a MUST HAVE  :).  And if you are into cosplay the perfect excuse to look like an elf "everyday". How fun it must be to be aware of the casual observers wondering about you! :). They are only offering though one colour that fits pale skin and we look forward to see if other skin tones will come out in the near future. They´d work for me though (jumps in anticipation)

The specific name of the model is SPIRIT E666

Above:SPIRIT  Earl ear buds (flesh colour) 3.5 mm jack  that will work for most standard sound devices like smartphones and portable mp3 players. They ARE NOT wireless or bluetooth (that would be even cooler) but the cable is also flesh toned consistently matching the rest of the headset (As a performer this are like  a fancy nice in ear monitoring option ahhaha!)

I must have one of these. This is one of the cleverest ideas I've seen in a while, no wonder it spread almost virally over the social networks and due to demand the price is (at the moment) rather high compared to the initial listing in the chinese website "TAOBAO" which sells them for a price of 100¥ (around 14 dollars) plus shipping. Back then it was the only one listing it and I was unable to complete my purchase as the entire site was in chinese.    Since then listings have bloomed and some were absurdily high (also claiming they were the only importers and so on)  in many sites, but now it´s widely spread and can be found through many different retailers and shops including ELF EARS EARBUDS in  ebay where the price is around  28 Eur at the moment (including shipping), but you can find there also auctions and try your luck to get them cheaper. I have bookmarked them myself but I think I will wait until they go back to a fair price.  Definitely will go for a pair myself soon :) and then I'll come back to edit this article with the actual sound quality of this cute gadget! :) It claims to work clearly and crisp in the high pitch frequencies but still boosting the bass. We´ll get back at them with a proper in depth review. Meanwhile here the technical specifications:





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