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Electro-I-K: amazing sci-fi futuristic jewellery with recycled materials

Electro-I-K is a collection of hand-made unique and one of a kind jewellery pieces made out of all kind of recycled materials. They work by comission and I stumbled upon some of their pieces in a local gallery in Barcelona. Somehow futuristic showcasing plastics, metals, computer pieces, hardrives, cells,  and even organic materials like wood and seeds all blended to render a futuristic unusual looking, somehow. They have a contact in their website and aside of the already created pieces that are just the way they are because of creative reasons, they work by  custom order  if you're interested to ask. So far I wanted to make a little entry because I found it extremely inspiring, specially considering all those boxes of old computer elements and cables that I have in deserted boxes in my wardrobe. Time to recycle.





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