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Winter is approching: get turn your fantasy costume warm but pretty! Gloves and scarfs by Laima Shop


Laima shop is a store based in  Latvia Europe that features a collection of handcrafted knitted items by designer crafter Inga. Shawls, scarfs, neck warmers and a huge collection of fingerless gloves. But also boleros, shoulder warmers and well a really lovely showcase if you need to warm your pixie/tribal/steampunk or even lolita outfit for the cold weather to come. Most of them in lovely colors, from natural greens, white and browns if you're fond of "pixie tribal faerie wear" or even cute pinks and whites for Lolita style and brown and golden for Steampunk outfits. I found the collection showing a great quality and care 

Below you can see some examples of neckwarmers, from ragged natural-pixie look to cute-kawaii Lolita doll style. All colors chosen are evidently neutral and chosen with taste, some of the items are vibrant in color but never cheesy. 

And enough said, go and have a look, cos temperature is dropping down and though yo u may have that fantasy costume almost ready, if you attend a fantasy outdoors event you may need some protection ;-) 



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