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Faux fur tales and accessories by Vrykolakas visions

Above: white canine faux fur tale (I want one!!)

Vrykolakas visions is a little store that specializes in super fluffy cat, fox and canine tales made of high quality faux fur. I am still searching for a lovely white wolf tail I'm plotting for a videoclip ;-) and ended up here. I like the canine models because they're pretty realistic but animal-friendly. Faux fur rocks! So thought of making a little entry while bookmarking. Please do not support real fur items, they're simply cruel when there is no need to achieve the look. All tails in this store are handmade. I think they're fun even for daily wear if you're a daring person. I would do! ;-) though they're perfect for animal costumes and cosplayers. They also make some funny furry accessories like ears and hats.

As we have previously covered several characters from Alice in Wonderland, They have listed a pretty eye-catchy Cheshire cat tail ;-) in purple and pink


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