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Bionic Concepts: from Steampunk Wings to wearable robotic Tron-line armour pieces

Above: mechanical steampunk wings by Bionic Concepts.

Bionic Concepts by John Paul  Rishea, a crafter and store that specializes in  wearable robotic fashion combining art and robotics to produce futuristic items that display beauty and strength together.  With over 12 years of experience they are really well known for their line of amazing mechanical wings and robotic custom gadgets and armour. Wether sci-fi and futuristic with bright leds or with a more retro-steampunk look. The collection is simply amazing. The gadgets are functional and easy to control to be wearable and easy to display features. In some of the products CO2 pressurized gas pneumatic system.
I particularly fell in love with the wings, they even some angelic white ones (<3)

There is an etsy store too where you can find some ready to go in-stock items 

Above: Exo-boots gadget made of lightweight Aluminium and ABS plastic, it clips onto platform boots. Easy to install and remove and looking that AMAZING! Very anime-scifi

Below some "wrists" with panel lights, it makes me thing of Japanese Anime or even Tron Sci-fi conceptual work.  Wether for a fantasy or sci-fi event or perfect for a rave party. 


You can also contact directly the crafter for custom orders  at bionicconcepts [at]



They offer mechanical wings in  robtic or retro Steampunk style powered by pressurized CO2 gas and controlled by a hand held control pad. 




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