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Lanadeflor: Hand-felted scarfs with flowers for urban fairies and bohemian spirits


Lana de Flor is a little store based in Ohio (USA)  run by crafter Debora Galaz that specializes in hand-made and sometimes also using her own dyes to color the materials used for making hand-felted accessories  with merino wool and sometimes mixed with silk and other materials for extra softness.  Lana welcomes contact if you want a piece in custom colors,  Flower scarfs are really cute and somehow very fairy/nymph and really wearable too on a daily basis. It has that slight hippy/artistic/boheme look too and the highlight of it all, they are not only unique hand-made pieces but  really affordable too.

Below:  "poppy" brooch in moss-color, each petal felted individually. And now that Halloween approaches you can find some super-cute needdle felted pumpkins too


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