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Mare shop: fingerless gloves for dragons and exotic birds costumes


Above: fingerless gloves hand made in green gradient color. I love them, they make your hands like dragon-paws!


Mare shop is a lovely little craft store based in Latvia  that  features a lovely collection of hand-knitted and crocheted gloves, mittens and headbands.And you may think, an article about gloves in summer! well some of the models seem "light" enough for any season, and I didn't want to miss to feature this cute little store. :) So I had to bookmark it with this wee article so I don't loose the track :)

I like these mittens also in white because they look so delicate, romantic and feminine made of  100% wool yarn


I love this pair of white ones, they're so romantic looking. I also like the fact that the pattern makes it look like scales :) so even if this is casual wear it also fits for a fantasy costume featuring pixie wear or even dragon-related elements.

They also make headbands, longer mittens and of course for forthcoming wintery seasons all sorts of comfortable and warm knitted items... :) 

Above: rainbow gradient dragon scale gloves. I like that they have a selection of gloves with very striking color gradients that makes you look of exotic birds. I think they would make a great compliment to a dragon-lady or even fairies.


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