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Feather fans: a noble touch for the Masquerade

Here is a link where you can read an article about the fan through culture, including the feather fans. these accessories typical of the elizabethan era and so used in Masq uerades. In one of our previous article about feathers you will find materials if you feel able to make one which is actually not very difficult if you pick a nice selection of ostrich and peacock feathers. Also in "Saphire and sage" specialized in Renaissance Era reproduction Accessories. They have a wealth of models some even reversible, that will delight you and will add a final touch of nobility into your masquerade set. These ones are not only gorgeous , they're also customizable so you can decide the colour of the beads, color of wood, type of feathers and many other details. I'd love to have one of these in plain black raven mood... (sigh!)


Sometimes if you have a look into ebay stores you can be lucky and find some lovely ones, but it's better to approach to an specialized shop like the one before, they're not so expensive and have really lovely models... still if the pocket is tight you can always try to look ebay stores for . There are always a couple Feather fans models available, among a lot of hideous fakes, though you have to be aware of looking from time to time for the listings.


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